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    1. Diego says:

      Don't answer this number. They try to sign you up for magazines saying they are entering you into a sweepstakes and ask for a survey. If you sign up by accident, I suggest calling your credit card company right away or whatever information you gave them in case of fraud.

    2. Cary says:

      Not tbe one thats looked for

    3. Nathaniel says:

      This guy is seriously nuts. He called me yelling about an attitude that I didnt have and was being an all around asshole.

    4. Darnell says:

      Got "what's up" text too.  I'm in Raleigh and don't know anyone in the Asheville area.

    5. Teddy says:

      One thing people can do is:  1.  report their threats to the MN State Attorney General Office  1-800-657-3787   or   651-296-3353;    2.  It is illegal for a debt collector to call before 8a.m. or after 9p.m. and they can't make threats and can't use bad language;    3.  As soon as you hear the debt collector or any unwanted phone call, tell them that this phone call is being recorded---"In MN you are legally able to record any conversation and use it in court as evidence as long as ONE person in the conversation knows you are recording it"  Which means, you don't even have to tell anyone, because YOU know it is being recorded, YOU are the one person!!!  But telling them that it is being recorded and you will use it as evidence or telling them after they say all the bad stuff that it was recorded on your end tends to scare them enough not to call you again; 4.  A voice activated digital recorder is inexpensive and a must these days.  (It is sad tho that we have come to this.)

    6. Brenton says:

      Got the same txt from this # @ 2130, not happy bout it. I don't care bout Romney or politics, so whoever u r leave me alone!!!  Its a dumb way & time to reach ppl.

    7. Rupert says:

      TThis number is from the Henry County Public Schools, and is usually used for the delivery of pre-recorded messages

    8. Terrance says:

      get calls all day from this number I hate it

    9. Williams says:

      Nikole Stowe she likes to party and is great in the sack. 3 holes no wating if you know what I'm saying.

    10. Huey says:

      Did not answer the call, no message left

    11. Reynaldo says:

      Hangup, no one on the line, need to put these people behind bars for a few days.

    12. Raymond says:

      A computerized female voice saying there is no cost for this call.

    13. Tristan says:

      Am getting same think every few minutes since yesterday evening... anyone know how to stop it???

    14. Nolan says:

      They were an automated call about making money in some business scam.

    15. Will says:

      Czar marketing inc. Its a scam about hiring you as a manager with advancement. What you really do is try to sell direct tv to customers at best buy or sams club and the other job is hanging out at a gas station or car wash trying to find customers to fix their windshields. You are paid on comission and not guarenteed how much they offer you at the interview. They call you in for your second interview to shadow someone but they take you to sams club or best buy and actually try to get you to sell direct tv. Worst company to work for. Everyone who might be interested in this job beware!!!!!