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    1. Jamel says:

      it is a recording that twice has left a message that they would call me again.  the caller ID shows the name of Southern Progress.

    2. Esteban says:

      These guys started calling me today and have been doing so for about 2 hours straight. When i asked them where their offices were located they said TX...which I knew was wrong because this is a California (Central Valley) phone number. The minute I heard the accent on the first call and the guys name, Chris Brown (LMAO) I immediately knew what it was all about. I congratulated them for having all of my information correct (SSN, Employer, Address, and so on) since this didn't mean squat. They kept telling me that I need to speak to their senior officer Angela Lims and of course could not give me the name of her company or agency other than the fact that she works for Bank Office Legal Dept, whatever the heck this means. According to them I have 3 criminal charges against me (LOL...what? an unpaid parking ticket?) They should at least harrass people with realy criminal records, they may be easier to convince. These guys are idiots and these scams may scare others but their full of it.

    3. Mohammed says:

      They are trying to sell magazine but say that you qualify for a grand prize

    4. Jeromy says:

      Biz directory listing telemarketing

    5. Mckinley says:

      Received about 6 calls in one day. When I answered, a woman kept saying 'hello' then hung up.

    6. Harris says:

      Told them to remove me from their list, now they won't stop calling, it is starting to be harrassment.  Claim they are some vacation package company.

    7. Len says:

      Too many texts! They sexual texts!

    8. Donn says:

      Don't know..it was a recording so I Hung up

    9. Lenny says:

      2 calls with no option to take your name off the callers list.

    10. Man says:

      lindsey cox we going to su u............

    11. Darrin says:

      Scam!!!! Took $275 from me and asked for more in order to borrow $3000! They would not return the security deposit when I refused to come up with more money!!!

    12. Hipolito says:

      They called at 9:30 on a Sunday morning to say we had spoken a few weeks ago about doing exterior work to my house. I told them I knew this was a scam, my number is on the DNC list (for what ever that is worth) and to f*ck off. They call every couple of weeks despite being reported over and over.

    13. Mickey says:

      called say i haven't paid my light bill 3 months asked for my SS# and my credit card # wont stop calling me i asked for the ladies name  Rosa Martinez

    14. Lyman says:

      Got a call from the 115-917-9600. I never seen an area code this number before. They left no message.

    15. Avery says:

      The call receiving and picked up the call is not responding