405-459 Phone Me Not

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  • 405-459-3674
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    1. Keneth says:

      Keeps calling me about twice a week at my office. I don't want their services. I cannot seem to get my number off their calling list.

    2. Robt says:

      Same hear, calls all the time using both numbers.  I'm tired of it. He just leaves a message. I do no answer to calls I don't know the number.

    3. Cordell says:

      I got "I am looking for a sexy big beautiful woman (bbw)" comment

    4. Donnie says:

      This is a urgent tax alert...

    5. Mohammad says:

      It can also be an email... I set up our email to fwd certain messages to our phones(as it was a time sensitive subject) and now after weeks later, have spent at least an hour trying to figure out what this number is about. I tested it just now, and an email from myself shows up exactly this way. So those of you that are wondering about your kids, keep this in mind.

    6. Ed says:

      Someone with a very thick Indian accent named Ricky Shaffer called and told me to call this number back.  It showed up as 0000 on my caller ID.  The message said either myself or my attorney of record needed to return his call the second we received the message, otherwise all he could say was God Bless me.  I did not return the call and believe this to be a scam.  If anyone else has had this number call please reply.  Thanks!

    7. Leonardo says:

      Rang briefly, I didn't pick up, no message left.  Called back, but got fast busy signal.

    8. Sergio says:

      They've called my cell phone twice today.  Left no message.

    9. Gerry says:

      please stop calling my phone

    10. Julian says:

      I got the call on 9/35, at 3:16 a.m. and from a similar number on this past Sunday

    11. Doug says:

      Caller was not anyone i know. Voice was distorted

    12. Derek says:

      Please deactivate non-sense services for this number.

    13. Britt says:

      this number has been blocked no room for conversation or empty messages not being had or received. time will no longer be wasted

    14. Nathaniel says:

      Need help with your taxes? Solve the back taxes you owe and escape the IRS or state! Savings up to 90 percent. Reply'ASSIST' to get help now,'CLOSE'2stop

    15. Anderson says:

      They called me 12x one day, 9x and then 7x the next day. WTF get a life.