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    1. Maynard says:

      This company calls twice a day.  A new person every time.  Asks for owner by name, when I try screen the call I get no real info.  Most callers are rude, 1 has been sexually explicit.  Caller today said that they will keep calling until they get the owner because he is on a 'list.'  When I asked if there was anyone else that could help him, he said only speaking to the owner would help.  I am sure that I will get another call from them before the day is over.  Very annoying, even by sales-call standards!

    2. Tristan says:

      i dont know, i thought the picture was pretty hot :D

    3. Nathanial says:

      F-ing WCA keeps calling from different numbers. Hell-emarketers!!!!

    4. Gil says:

      I received a call and when I returned it, the message said: "We're sorry, your call screen service is now off.  Please consult your written instructions and call back later."

    5. Tom says:

      This number belongs to Aulah Ramnik, he called an escort at 4:21am on 6/23/2011

    6. Elwood says:

      This is a collection call for At The Beach tanning salon. They are relentless...

    7. Calvin says:

      Got a long pro Obama message saying the economy isn't his fault.

    8. Fabian says:

      Selling ads for high schools told him no he was very understanding and very nice gentleman about it

    9. Emory says:

      Winston Mc kensie said he had a check for my mother. He added that he was a US customs agent. I called the number he left and it turns out to be "Magic Jack" number from NY. I hope someone gets this guys before he dupes someone.

    10. Weldon says:

      Amanda Woods Called me today from there. Didn't sound like a collections person. But I don't know any Amanda woods...so, I "wasn't home"

    11. Hobert says:

      Got the same call for the 3rd time today.  Same deal when I answered asked my name and I said yes and he hung up.

    12. Edmund says:

      "I'm Rachel. Your entry last week has =W 0 N=! Open http://win-xmas.com?CKCHHGJKEK and put - 7691."

    13. Alvin says:

      Santander calls even within grace period ...harassing!

    14. Anderson says:

      Very annoying ... does anyone know where to make complaints ?

    15. Leif says:

      I could hear personal conversation in background, Finally they spoke to me asking about air quality, but I told them I don't know who they are, I didn't request this call and don't feel comfortable answering any questions I didn't solicit.