406-388 Phone Me Not

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    1. Evan says:

      Call 2 or 3 times a day. never leaves a message, called back and only got a mailbox to leave a message. I have blocked them from my cell phone, but the calls still come through.

    2. Walton says:

      6782512215 calls every now and then and I'm on the "no call list".

    3. Sanford says:

      This number calls me EVERYDAY. I just pick it up and hang up, they never leave a voicemail, so I have no idea what it is.

    4. Pedro says:

      I get calls from these people several times a day BUT from many different numbers. They call early in the morning and late at night. I don't answer because, since this is not a number of any of my contacts, I refuse to waste my minutes on a telemarketer. Besides, I thought it was illegal to make telemarketing calls to cell phones.

    5. Sanford says:

      I am being plagued by unwanted calls. Some are for a non-existent person from an insurance company, though I've told them I have coverage!

    6. Alton says:

      i dont know who this is but i called it a few times today n someone would call and hang up

    7. Omar says:

      Telemarketing selling me prescription drugs they call me everyday. It's annoying

    8. Geoffrey says:

      A received a call from this number but they hung up after only 1-2 rings and left no message.

    9. Tim says:

      call everyday no one there. call a few times a day

    10. Billy says:

      Same here tried to call back, only music plays?  Weird

    11. Marlin says:

      Ya I did this too... such a rip off.. I was charged the 89 bucks before I even recv'd the trial! I was so dumb bought into because it was on Rachel Ray.

    12. Stevie says:

      yes 312-543-7052 1 time text

    13. Dustin says:

      hello, this is suleyman dogan from Turkey,You called me about Lavender flowers.

    14. Maynard says:

      Got a call, but didn't answer and they left no message?

    15. Andre says:

      I have received MANY calls from this number over the past three days, which include hang-ups, dead-air, and dead-air voicemails.  ONE time I answered and got a person.  I asked who was calling and they said WEA (Washington Education Association.)  I've called WEA and complained.  I am NOT a happy camper!!  Is THIS how my union dues are being used?