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    1. Edwin says:

      Just received this phone call from this number, after reading the comments about this I see that it is Comcast calling for no god damned reason.

    2. Nicolas says:

      My cell is the no-call list and should not be out there for just anyone to use!! This is ridiculous!

    3. Dudley says:

      I have received the call from the 206 number and a 209 number. Both "reps" claimed that I was approved for a loan and all I needed to do was purchase a green dot money pack. I asked them to fax me the loan agreement and they were unable to do that. I asked what time there office closes I was told 8am, one rep kept saying I only needed to make a monthly payment Of "one seventy dollars"   They were unprofessional, and didn't know the difference between one hundred and seventy dollars and one seventy dollars (whatever that is) i didn't get scammed but I'm sure I would have had I ran out and bought a greendot card. They also couldn't explain to me what affiliation they had with greendot or why it had to be that specific card.

    4. Clayton says:

      I don't know who it was because when I called beck and asked who it was the man answered "I don't know you called me" he knew my name and social then when I continued to demand to know who it was before answering questions he hung up on me.

    5. Arron says:

      Its said this is where I am posting my pictures akso url was www.letshear.net

    6. Harley says:

      I got a text message this morning from this phone number with the message saying ** saw you looking good, look at my new pics on usick.com and maybe we can meet up **  ???? weird

    7. Santos says:

      They keep calling, but never leave a message. I do not answer. BUT this is annoying. My number is on the do not call list!!

    8. Mason says:

      I have recieved on average 1 call a week from this number for about the last 8 months. When they call, they leave a message about the warranty on my car being expired, and that this call will be the last before the account is closed. Despite this meing the "last call" before the account is closed, they keep calling. I finally pressed 1 to speak with a representative and told them that I wanted to be put on thier do not call list, and they hung up. About 3 minutes later someone called me back and said that they got disconnected and asked again if I wanted to extend my warranty. I told them again that I wanted to be put on thier do not call list, and they hung up again. Both people I spoke with sounded foreign (possibly Asian). The number that called me back showed up as 12345678901341...

    9. Rolf says:

      recieved two hang up calls from this number.

    10. Hans says:

      Need to block call don't know who it is

    11. Percy says:

      They call and just say my name ifs tom may i speak w such n such n im wtf r u y u callin from u da hoe! They stupid

    12. Percy says:

      someone from beyond the grave unknown

    13. Duane says:

      they got my number from the IRS as the calls started right after giving them my number on the website..luvley

    14. Marco says:

      Text said You have been choosen to Test & Keep the ipad 3 for free with free shipping. Goto Http://ipad3tests.com Enter code on 3rd Page. Valid for up to 24 hours

    15. Weston says:

      Its from Miami Dade area.....assholes pissin me off.