407-207 Phone Me Not

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    1. Charlie says:

      this person calls our business phone every day and hangs up.....

    2. Salvatore says:

      3 calls in a row from 303-651-4066, 4067 & 4370. no message left. obvious unwanted call by someone not willing to identify the nature of their call. I have screened their number via my service provider so that these 3 numbers will no longer ring through. the same has been done on my cell should they skip trace that number down. LOL, idiots!!!

    3. Alfred says:

      Credit Repair SCAM... This guy name is Rob Gonzalez and I was refered to him however when I wanted to meet him at an real location and office. He made every excuse to why he was going to be on my side of town and wanted to meet at a coffee house. After futher research I learned that the address 12255 NATURAL Bridge #654 Sanit Louis, MO 63044 is not the office of CREDIT MAKEOVER... All buyers BEWARE THIS GUY IS NOT HONEST AND A SMOOTH TALKER. Then after my questions this lady from Tampa called me name Viv Gordon claiming to be his manager. Her area code was 813-785-7605... SCAM SCAM .... St louis the crazies are coming out of the wood works!!!! They also have a num,ber of 209-965-7624 and under www.creditmakerover.info and www.smaygroup.com 2 many companies and no real office or company can be found? SCAM...

    4. Sam says:

      Home and car care trying to get you to pay for a warranty

    5. Graig says:

      Some company saying that I won a free Walmart gift card if I would just visit their website.

    6. Napoleon says:

      Recieved one at 7:07 pm, central time. Three second blank voicemail. No clue who it was.

    7. Vaughn says:

      I have punched 3 on my phone so many times my finger is sore. Doesn't do any good.

    8. Hipolito says:

      Wow matlok!  You sure make credible authority with your ALL CAPS and abbreviations; maybe if type RETARD again people will believe you.  Maybe you don't believe it's a scam, but you don't seem to like you’re the sharpest knife in the box.

    9. George says:

      Caller claims he is from Vehicle Policy Administrator of Mazda. When asked if he represents Mazda North America he pretends not to understand the questions (North America ?).

    10. Kerry says:

      Here is a number I just called and they did not answer.

    11. Del says:

      Got a text asking me what's up from this number today.

    12. Rogelio says:

      This is a google voice number that have been use from scammers on dating websites to ensure to the people they tried to scam that they are available on the location they are saying.

    13. Kyle says:

      I just received the same exact message. I am a Mary Kay consultant as well. I feel it is a scam as well.  So sad that people do this.

    14. Booker says:

      Yup. Absolutely DID get a call from 'this number' on Caller ID. Also said "TEXAS." Didn't answer but other rpts online indicate its the ILLEGAL PRE-RECORDED message about a 'survey' to 'win a free cruise.' Local news last night did a story on how those SUCKERED by these calls are unable to FIND their 'free' cruises in order to use the 'free vouchers' THEY PAID FOR WITH CREDIT CARDS. There are NO 'FREE LUNCHES', especially from phone numbers that DO NOT EXIST.

    15. Lamar says:

      Received call from this number, answered it, but no one on the other end.