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    1. Erik says:

      received call from this number stating they were looking for my neighbor - told them I thought they were creepy and hung up

    2. Hubert says:

      2 calls today, a few within six months ago. Immediate hang-up when answered, no message left when unanswered.

    3. Kareem says:

      very bisexual will listen for money father hates her but will have sex for free!!!

    4. Norman says:

      quit calling or txting.my phone bye!

    5. Lance says:

      This rude lady called me from 209-858-3712 asking for my elderly father.  All she said was it regarding a personal matter.  When I had my Dad call back she would not tell him what it was regarding until he gave her his social secuity number.  He would not give it to her so she told him it was in his best interest.  He still refused and hung up.  She needs to stop calling, this is annoying.

    6. Garret says:

      (231) 732-2039 Find Toto left a recording about a lost cat.

    7. Emmitt says:

      A person by the name of "Lisa Berbazco" called wanting to speak with the owner & requested payroll information. I refused to give it to her, she said "no problem, I'll find it out on my own" and hung up! TRUST NO ONE!

    8. Angelo says:

      Received a call from 526-452-1026, no answer when I said hello twice. Googled it, it's from Mexico??  I live in Ontario Canada, don't know anyone from Mexico. It isn't bad enough we get unwanted calls from the US & Canada, now we're going global?!

    9. Emmanuel says:

      they were w some housing company

    10. Adam says:

      An unidentified person calls frequently claiming that an ad was authorized by an employee. Nobody authorized the ad and they keep calling for payment. The continuously ask for a credit card number. The person on the other line speaks Spanish and talks about the law that entitles them charge for the ad as there was an apparent verbal contract. And to reach an agreement to pay half the bill. No of the above were done.

    11. Jacques says:

      got a call around 10.20am im in phx, Az no message left

    12. Bryant says:

      Answered and no one was there, they just hung up.

    13. Norris says:

      Calling for random people on my phone

    14. Mac says:

      im from nj nd got a call in spanish about winning money. press 1 so i can tell them not to call me but someone answer nd it just paused,didnt hear anything else not sure if they put me on hold...they are really annoying me

    15. Chet says:

      same thing.. 90% corruption blabla bla .. told them i have a mac and they told me the Mac department is out She said her name was Jessica