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    1. Lincoln says:

      pls block this no 140 929 5337

    2. Coleman says:

      Recieved same type of message with a death threat and wanted me to pay to buy out hit on me. laughable

    3. Barney says:

      They say they are a company that doesn't exist.

    4. Ryan says:

      I don't want any texts from this number

    5. Clifton says:

      Phone number appears to be bogus!

    6. Jonah says:

      some bogus sounding "university" asking if I had the opportunity, would I go back to school.

    7. Donn says:

      Young woman recording message regarding our previous discussion on how to lower the interest rates on my credit cards. Small challenge is that I live credit free since 2007 and hold no credit cards. Obviously a sales driven call resulting, most likely from a partnership on a website or page that I visited. Not deserving of a call back or alarm but annoying. :)

    8. Steve says:

      Spammer company trying to sell me fire proof roofing repair. feh

    9. Rey says:

      machine trying to sell security system

    10. Grover says:

      I got a call on my cell phone today from this number. Said thank you for entering our online survey and that I had won something. Have no idea how they got my number, and I don't answer online surveys!!!

    11. Buster says:

      I just received a call today from this number, the caller had loud music playing in the background and basically was asking me something about applying for something for a college degree.  I was like Um No, in reality I could barely understand what they were saying, alot of mumbling.  Hopefully they won't call again

    12. Boris says:

      Number constantly calls no message

    13. Randolph says:

      The Rumbuc Agency is a real company and it is not a collection agency... it an insurance agency.

    14. Granville says:

      Got a call from this number asking me if I wanted to lower my interest rate on my credit card. Asked if I was paying over 10%? Asked me to share my credit card info with them and expiration date - I asked if I could call them back so I could look up my highest rate card. They would not provide me with number to call them back - I pressed them for more information. They hung up on me.

    15. Alfredo says:

      Have been receiving numerous annoying phone calls for days from this number.  They do not leave a message.  My caller ID says "Telesight Inc.".  I am registered with DNC.  I feel that if it really is important they would've left a voice message by now.  If it's really important, they will now have to contact me by mail because I have since blocked them from my phone.