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    1. Lincoln says:

      pls block this no 140 929 5337

    2. Coleman says:

      Recieved same type of message with a death threat and wanted me to pay to buy out hit on me. laughable

    3. Barney says:

      They say they are a company that doesn't exist.

    4. Ryan says:

      I don't want any texts from this number

    5. Steve says:

      Spammer company trying to sell me fire proof roofing repair. feh

    6. Rey says:

      machine trying to sell security system

    7. Grover says:

      I got a call on my cell phone today from this number. Said thank you for entering our online survey and that I had won something. Have no idea how they got my number, and I don't answer online surveys!!!

    8. Buster says:

      I just received a call today from this number, the caller had loud music playing in the background and basically was asking me something about applying for something for a college degree.  I was like Um No, in reality I could barely understand what they were saying, alot of mumbling.  Hopefully they won't call again

    9. Boris says:

      Number constantly calls no message

    10. Randolph says:

      The Rumbuc Agency is a real company and it is not a collection agency... it an insurance agency.

    11. Granville says:

      Got a call from this number asking me if I wanted to lower my interest rate on my credit card. Asked if I was paying over 10%? Asked me to share my credit card info with them and expiration date - I asked if I could call them back so I could look up my highest rate card. They would not provide me with number to call them back - I pressed them for more information. They hung up on me.

    12. Alfredo says:

      Have been receiving numerous annoying phone calls for days from this number.  They do not leave a message.  My caller ID says "Telesight Inc.".  I am registered with DNC.  I feel that if it really is important they would've left a voice message by now.  If it's really important, they will now have to contact me by mail because I have since blocked them from my phone.

    13. Lane says:

      Cook County advising of meeting to appeal property taxes. This was a welcome notice.

    14. Delmer says:

      He is suppose to have a plumping,heating, air conditioning business. Can't seem to find an address or anything about the company. He answers the phone but doesn't bother to return my calls. He says I will call you right back but doesn't. He was contacted Thursday to repair my a/c unit. My insurance company had to order a new unit because it wasn't repairable. I was told by the workers he would do it Monday, june 3rd and no later. He was told to pick up the new unit and call me but he hasn't bothered to. I guess I will have to contact the BBB to see what kind or rating he has.and file a complain if I hve to.

    15. August says:

      this number actually called a friend of mine saying i needed to pay a old debt that i actually paid off 3 years ago so when i said that he he said his name was johnn told me i still owed 1200 and to pay it or i was going to jail that he put a bench warrant on me and that he was going to teach me a lesson he repeated this several times i am going to teach you a lesson. he said he was a lawyer and that he was actually in court putting the bench warrant.