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    1. Manual says:

      No one answers when I pick up and no messages are left.  They have called 8 times today.  This is annoying and I AM REPORTING THIS TO THE FCC.  The Fcc dealt with a major corporation for me recently.

    2. Emilio says:

      Non stop calling / Phishing for info

    3. Brain says:

      Got a call from a man with a foreign accent stating my husband is the winner of $4.5 million from Publisher's Clearinghouse.

    4. Ira says:

      Spanish speaking about a trip

    5. Orlando says:

      Called once, no message was left..?

    6. Percy says:

      Called me extremely late at night obviously pretending to be a customer service representative for Victoria Secret. I, personally, don't find it amusing in any way what so ever. I find it extremely disrespectful and I find it as an annoyance.

    7. Steven says:

      This POS is a scam artist. They try and convince you that husky puppies are available and all you do is need to pay for shipping, 270 dollars for one, 540 for both (at least in my case). They say there located in Seattle so who really knows where they are located. I kind of knew something was fishy because they typed with horrible ld , for supposed Legal Consultant. These people even had the balls to call me after I emailed them and told them they were scam artists, this guy couldn't speak a lick of english but told me to check my email for a tracking number. The link they sent me was from a "Guarantee Pet Movers Company.page", the homepage of this website said they were "certified by the FBI to move pets from state to state and overseas, hahaha, the FBI?? Frankly, these people seem like bush league scammers at best, but even still, don't fall for it.

    8. Brian says:

      I did... they wanted information on financial documents... I asked for more infomation and they hung up on me... obviously not a legit company!

    9. Truman says:

      Thanks for your response, I am still interested in buying from you, Iwill like you to withdraw the advert on net cause i am buying from younow. I will be paying with a certified check If that will be OK byyou.....As for the pick up i will instruct the shipping company tocome for the pick-up as soon as you have your payment. If this is OKwith you,get me the following information,Your full name that will beon the check,Your postal address.Your phone number both land andmobile and Your postalcode. Get me this as soon as possible,thanks.206-203-4278

    10. Francesco says:

      I’m from Montana and got this call on my cell. Recorded message says it is a public opinion poll and you could win two all expenses paid tickets to Nassau, Bahamas if you answer the 10 questions. Shortly after the recorded message, call disconnects. No questions are asked. Very bizarre. Unclear what the motivation is behind the calls. Called back and got busy signal. If you can please report them to www.donotcall.gov the more that report them the better.

    11. Felipe says:

      I got the same too.  Any way to report?

    12. Vernon says:

      They were a research company.

    13. Mickey says:

      Its some college insitute ...all they is harrass asking to sign up I told them I'm not interested and they still call like 2 times a day .

    14. Rodger says:

      They asked if I wanted to further my education

    15. Eugenio says:

      Something about help from the irs