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    1. Quintin says:

      Yes, believe this would be timeshare sellers! Spam!

    2. Emanuel says:

      Inmate at County Jail claimed this as her number. Tanya Young was her name.But she is Sociopath, so I can't be sure.

    3. Charles says:

      I didn't answer the caller

    4. Wilfredo says:

      how can these guys keep getting away with this .called me at 7:20 am,keep reported them and nothing happens

    5. Wilford says:

      He askes about my ad on CL. Then he says his name is Kenny then says. Ok    this amount is fine by me, im at work now but can only text, but i would have loved to swing by to take a look at it but i just moved and i can send you an Certified Check overnight (2/2)check ? then have my Mover pick it up with the rest of my furniture and stuff  after the check clears your bank? Thanks.  Kenny

    6. Weldon says:

      This guy is dating my sister but he slept with some other girl over the summer

    7. Gerard says:

      Keep seeing 141-000-XXXX on my young daughters hone.  How do I find out who this is?

    8. Cory says:

      Rec'd a call from this number on my cell phone, but before I could answer, they hung up.  Got a recording about how I could get a free "prescription card" if my income was less than $65,000 a year.  Obviously, a telemarketer.  What I want to know is how did they get my cell phone number when I am on the "no call" list under my cell phone number..

    9. Jerrold says:

      Got this numbering of Badoo, supposedly a female trying to talk to me, she did keep IM and trying to convince me on giving her that code and that she was I real person but as soon as I told her about being a spam she stored IM me.

    10. Monte says:

      ROBO CALLER SCAM. CID: 305-380-0245 - Miami, FL. Return Call, Number is not in service. SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER

    11. Abraham says:

      Keeps calling twice a day for the last 3 months (yes months).  Won't leave a message or anything.  I absolutely refuse to answer any calls I don't recognize after taking a phone call from Bank Of America at 8:00PM wanting to send a free credit report.  Odd considering BOA's policy is not to send account holders anything unless they ask for it, and even if you do request it, they will send it in the mail.....not call you to ask if you're interested.  I immediately callled BOA and they said it's scam and to never take a call you don't recognize because it's most likely someone trying to get your banking info or other critical information.  I don't owe any money to any collection agency, and even if I do....a legitimate one will send you documentation in the mail about it before calling you.  I've never received any mail from West Asset Mgt....EVER!!  So they can't possibly be legit.

    12. Darryl says:

      Don't know it was Spanish

    13. Cyrus says:

      can't receive calls on number. waste of time

    14. Pasquale says:

      Caller by the name of Barbara leaves a message saying to call her. She leaves a phone number of 1-800-741-7144. Looking up that phone number produced that it is a collections agency for T-mobile. I double checked to make sure mine was paid on time, and it was, so I think they're trying to reach someone who use to have my phone number.

    15. Tyrone says:

      Just do not answer, this guys and their robo-calls are verifying if you answer the phone, if you do, then you are just giving them the time that somebody is at home and can answer the phone, so they very happily, sell your data, to other companies including the time that somebody can answer the phone at the giving phone number, the other information related to your phone, they already they got it!!, (we are their customers). This is for more accurate time, a seller, or a charity company or a collection can call to ask for your money money money!