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    1. Vernon says:

      I was called by this number. It was an automated call in Spanish, informing me that I had won a $1,000.00 and to press the number "1" to claim my prize.

    2. Harold says:

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    3. Fletcher says:

      My Grandma has been scammed for $1200 she received a call fro a man who stated he worked for ConEd and she was told that her lights were about to be cut off if she didn't pay. My Grandma bless her soul she doesn't realize she was being SCAMMED, and as instructed she put money on a green dot prepaid card on three different occasions.

    4. Fabian says:

      I got a creepy call from Ellis University over a month ago saying that I had requested information from them but I hadn't.  When I told them that they hung up quick.  I just recieved a call from this number today.  I couldn't answer because I was at work and they didn't leave a message!  What is wrong with these people?

    5. Curt says:

      calls me 2 times a day but I never pick up. I figure if it was important then they leave a message. probably marketers.

    6. Lawrence says:

      They just call and hang up...

    7. Pierre says:

      weird call...no one spoke then they dissconnected.

    8. Everett says:

      Received a call on 5 April 2013. The claimed they had several problems with my "windows based PC" and wanted me to perform keystrokes that would have given them access to my computer. Heavily accented, boiler room noinse in background, said his name is Mike Williams and gave this number as 2673 44 14 04. Also, caller ID said "unknown number". I won't be calling back.

    9. Derick says:

      keep callng making treats

    10. Elvis says:

      WAC, they sad they were trying to get entries for a contest

    11. Jules says:

      Got a call and did not pick up. They did not leave a message. This is not the first time.

    12. Waldo says:

      Loan/debt reduction text. Spam. Unsolicited text. I have never called or text'd any company relating to loans or finances.

    13. Chet says:

      Yesterday, I got a call from 401-424-9150 about lowering credit card debt; I pressed 1 to get a rep, got one, and instructed him to remove my number from the calling list.  Two minutes later, a got a call from 209-216-4138; it was the same guy, the rep with whom I had just spoken, wanting to talk to me about my salvation.  He had the typical arguments from design (if I cannot understand how something happens, then it must happen by a supernatural agency) and one novel offering.  According to him, "contemporary newspapers in Rome reported the rising of the dead following the crucifixion."  I asked him which newspapers, and he said "look it up on line."  I asked him to name one such newspaper, and he repeated the demand that I do his homework.  Was it L'Osservatore Romano? I asked, and he hung up.

    14. Leonel says:

      Said it was regarding a college program

    15. Bradley says:

      I think this is some kind of computer, after I said I already have security system it asked if I had a security system.