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    1. Cedrick says:

      Check out this info, it's the same company :look up phone number 888-875-5167

    2. Jon says:

      Also received a text informing me that I had won a Walmart Gift Card.

    3. Hung says:

      Called me 5 times in the last 2 days so far. Never said anything, just called and hung up when I answered.

    4. Efren says:

      Got two different seemingly unrelated texts from this number, both acting like they knew me. One asked me where we ordered our Chinese food from, the other from "Aunt Dixie" asking where I was. Wonder what kind of scam this it.

    5. Theo says:

      Called me left no messages so called back listened to them I actually gave them all my stuff probley cause I'm young and dumb but talked to one guy then put me on hold spoke to another guy for awhile. Said I'll get my reward card in about 7 days or so and a free trial on a thing supposedly to save money on gas and restaurants and stuff like that. So, in the end I gave all my info but was very curious on why he had me repeat my numbers on my card so many times, got off after 15 mins of talking searched the number found sites like this then freaked out. Called my bank and had my account closed down and pick up my new card tomorrow. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING FROM THIS NUMBER! They really need to be put in a jail. No telling how much money they have stolen.

    6. Sherman says:

      I have recently contacted Dish Network about upgrgrading my programming. I am also getting calls from this number. I have received several over the last few days. Today someone answered when I did. His name was David. He said he was from Dish and he was an "independant contactor" for Dish Network. He said that he got his information from the website and that it appeared that I was having trouble setting up service. I wasn't having trouble, I did not enter my Social Security, or my credit card after I noticed that the webpage was not a secure site. I did however enter my phone number but did not submit it, I backed out of the page.

    7. Grover says:

      We've been getting calls from this number at all hours of the day and night. We don't answer it and they don't leave messages. We also get calls from 210-222-1111. I think someone is making the calls from their computer and masking the actual number with this one.

    8. Sammy says:

      I got a charge on my debit for 8.67. Had to cancel my car. Reliablechip.com

    9. Gail says:

      somebody do something about this

    10. Ariel says:

      don't have nothing nice to say about this person

    11. Vince says:

      Received a call on my cell. Did not recognize so I did not answer and they didn't leave a voice mail. Oh well.

    12. Beau says:

      This call he states his names is Justin Smith, then he will call back stating another name of John Meyer or Mayer who is from a Law Office and is handling the case. Leaves threatening and harassing messages that my local sheriff department will come to my residences or place of work to arrest me on site for some fake loan that I took out. Always the same information calling regarding sensitive information and to have me or my lawyer to call him back. And wishing me good luck.

    13. Daren says:

      Police!!...Lady name Felicia saying shes in Manhattan, in desperate need of help but only wants to work with girls with a "Daddy" for guidance. Set up all the way.

    14. Steve says:

      I recieved a call from this number and did not get to the phone in time. No one left a message either. When I tried to call back, the number does not accept calls. It doesn't ring or anything. It just seems like it picks up and then your call ends. I tried 3 times to call back. Sooo weird. Hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. It is creepy.

    15. Enrique says:

      I received this call this afternoon, I did not know who it was! I am tried getting phone calls thatsell something or claim you brought something that you never even brought!