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    1. Quinn says:

      Yes it is from LifeTouch picture company in Winnipeg.  They do the Grad photos and some school pictures.

    2. Edmund says:

      Got a call today from this number... I was nice the first time. The second time I had a few choice words and she actually listened to me and laughed and said she would report me to my boss ... good luck getting to him sweety !! I answer all the calls and have caller ID .... get a life people !!!!

    3. Keenan says:

      They want to sell you a security system for your home.

    4. Mikel says:

      "press 2 to be removed from our list" doesn't even work.

    5. Efrain says:

      They should leave messages if it's for the PURPLE HEART. I always donate.

    6. Harlan says:

      Just got a text from this number asking " did you see me on lovingmyself.com?" Dont know who this is the site is self help site.

    7. Olin says:

      person at this # is running a scam on seniors. claims to be an agent with State Farm Ins. and needs $4000 wired to buy a policy to insure an payment from another scam

    8. Otha says:

      This 'Bar Association' number has called our law office repeatedly over the past month. They usually hang up when I tell them the owner is not available. When I ask who is calling, they won't tell me. Instead they say, "I'll call back later" or again...just hang up on me. Today at 4:14 pm, I received another call from them. This time, they hung up as soon as I answered. (Yesterday at 11:16am, the same thing happened) This is definitely unwanted and to the point of being deemed harassment. It needs to stop immediately!

    9. Gregory says:

      seems to be a bill collector

    10. Eloy says:

      Called my grandparents and asked for me, when prompted for more information on who the caller was and what it was they were calling about, the line went dead.

    11. King says:

      I got a text message supposedly from another US Cellular number.  I dialed the "direct to voicemail" number and then punched in the US Cellular number that supposedly dialed me.  The voice message said, "If you have received a text message from this number, disregard it as it is an attempt to get your financial information."

    12. Alfonzo says:

      2482472037 left no message caller id read michigan call

    13. Efrain says:

      No calls are texts from this phone

    14. Edmond says:

      She sent me a text about winning a Target gift card. You must enter to win and I never entered. I also believe that Target would send their own emails and NOT depend on a woman in Los Angeles to do it for them.

    15. Lanny says:

      I got a text message saying I was selected to receive two free Beatles Movie tickets. Just some dumb scam.