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    1. Erwin says:

      I thought these calls were over, but it looks like my number is back on another list.  This has been going on about 3 years.  Every time, it's someone claiming that I owe money, and threatening to take me to court, if I don't call back.  I called back only once, when it first started.  The person asked me for my SSN, which of course, I refused.  Then, they read off the last 4 of someone's SSN, saying that was mine.  Not even 1 digit matched mine, and when I told the guy, he responded "we are in a catch-22", and said that I could end up in court.  I welcomed that, because I wouldn't mind showing my SSN to a judge, but not some random person that I don't know.  That's when I decided to never answer another one of these type calls again.  Once your number gets on a list, that list gets sold over and over, and things start again.

    2. Danial says:

      mr. block says healthcare no. of some sort. block!

    3. Warren says:

      Caller phoned very early on a Sunday morning.  Asked for Lane, when I said wrond number, the individual kept saying (yelling) Lane, Lane.  Not certain if the individual new another word of english.

    4. Ahmed says:

      Guy called and asked to speak with whoever was in charge of Yellow Book phone book advertising (I don't have an ad with them-first tip off it was a solicitor or something). Told him my number was on the do not call registry & he had no business dialing it in the first place and if he'd been working for a reputable company they should have known that.  I immediately filed a complaint with the national do not call registry.

    5. Gilberto says:

      ..."If you used a particular drug and had problems..." Call this law firm.

    6. Josh says:

      little kid playing on the phone

    7. Gaston says:

      Cell phone companies legally can't provide your cell phone numbers for any reason other than to credit companies or subsidiaries of their own company (ie other departments). The way these people get your numbers is from random dialling and when you fill out ballots or surveys with your cell number on them.

    8. Ronny says:

      I received this call on my cell phone. I did not know who this was so I did not answer. They need not call me again. I will NOT answer so STOP CALLING

    9. Louie says:

      I got a call from this number and no message was left...

    10. Jarvis says:

      The caller says he's calling in behalf of sn Ed Soup and talks like a salesman although he says the call is being recorded.

    11. Desmond says:

      They have called me approximately 10 times. leaving no message.

    12. Jean says:

      Mortgage bums.I would like to punch them right in their suckhole!

    13. Alphonse says:

      All calls and messages have been blocked by this subscriber.

    14. Scot says:

      Received 3 phone calls from 11-11:30 PM. No messages left, just hangups.

    15. Calvin says:

      Just held oí phone up