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    1. Harrison says:

      Calls twice a day with no voicemail.

    2. Daren says:

      Calls me once a day starting a week ago. Finally picked it up (happened twice), no answer.

    3. Clair says:

      i received call from unknown people about lottery

    4. Lane says:

      Treating calls & Tex.

    5. Bennett says:

      Credit card scam.  I hope the people doing these calls get what's coming to them.  I block them and they have yet another line to call from.  It should be illegal to be able to call people from phones that don't have any form of accountability on the other end.

    6. Wade says:


    7. Jamey says:

      Total scam, i took the add off yesterday after payment promises were made. I was contacted on facebook by "John Svon" then directed to gmail by an lillian Smith.

    8. Jeremiah says:

      Craigslist Spammer wanting to buy your item by certified check.

    9. Logan says:

      Sounded like they were local in Victoria but didn't recognize #

    10. Monroe says:

      efolyx <a href="http://xiipgsyzfnta.com/">xiipgsyzfnta</a>

    11. Gail says:

      Had someone phone me from the 204-272-9462 number who said my computer was infected. He asked if I was the owner and I told him to never f---ing  call this number again then he went on a profanity tirade calling me a mother f---er ,. I told him to get a real job where he wouldn't be scamming people. The guy had an accent that sounded east indian but I'm not sure. I've had these calls before where they tell you your computer is infected, then they try to get computer info and try overtaking your computer to get at your personal info. I hope these scammers get caught and I sure hope nobody falls for their scams.

    12. Gavin says:

      keep playing on my fone.....talking bout selling sum then hangs up

    13. Kerry says:

      won a cruise recording scam

    14. Basil says:

      We have been getting calls from this man "Bruce," who sounds like he smokes way too much, for the past 3 years now.  They never stop.  They may go away for a month or two, but then he tries again.  I played along with him and he actually tried to bully me.  Profanity, menacing voice, etc.  We owe no money to anyone, yet they will not stop.  They also will never leave a message.  Why I wonder?

    15. Isaias says:

      They are a weird unknown caller