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    1. Enrique says:

      This guy has called before, claiming I owe on an unpaid loan, threatened action against me, etc..  He has harassed my sister and my mother as well.  Foreign accent, changes his name frequently.  I have had many shouting matches with him on the phone, then got so frustrated I called the FTC.  The calls stopped for about 2 months, and have started back up again.

    2. Carlos says:

      My wife got a call from this number (150) 553-1666.  She didn't answer it because it didn't recognize the called ID.  Left no voice mail message.  Any ideas who this is?

    3. Roland says:

      They called a couple of my numbers this morning (FOCUS).  I'm thinking it might be medical bills, but not sure.  I have Medicare/ Medicaid that pays for literally everything (for the most part) until I get back on my feet from a horrific accident.  Maybe they are legit.  I'll find out one day.

    4. Arturo says:

      number keeps calling and dialing number

    5. Jody says:

      said mastercard was frozen.  said to press 1.  they lie.

    6. Elvis says:

      You loosers need to a real job. Stop calling

    7. Darin says:

      I have received a couple of calls from this Phone #. When I saw CAPOLYC I had gut feeling Telemarketer. I did not answer. They left no message. STOP CALLING.

    8. Korey says:

      They said they were from the ARK. And they were going to have a truck in my area to pick up clothes and small appliances for donation. They have call 5 times now. I have answered twice, and told them that I don't have any items. I have now blocked them.

    9. Emilio says:

      OK, I think I top them all. It is 4:25 AM and I get this call TWICE! No voicemail... A***oles. My cell phone is on the DNC list too...

    10. Darron says:

      I received a call from this number and they said there name was Ann. I asked what do you want and who are you with and then they hung up.

    11. Rafael says:

      Called6 times in 30 minutes. Hangs up in voicemail

    12. Bradley says:

      texting started in AM and already recieved 13 text from this number to my 11 year old saying please call this # 207-514-0247 when I tried to call...it just says enter a 16 digit number. no other options

    13. Jaime says:

      Spam text about trying some new cigarette

    14. Linwood says:

      These call were coming which is an annoyance to me. Any number I do not know, or no caller ID that is not familiar to me, I immediately block them. I have no time for this foolishness. I have a private unlisted number. Why pay for this, when companies can get it for a dime.

    15. Charlie says:

      Constantly calls if you ignore them. Good luck getting them to remove you from their call list. I've tried twice, finally just gave up.