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    1. Rudolf says:

      This company is a scam.  They have called me dozens of times.  They ask for personal information without identifying themselves.  They call names then hang up on me.  I know how to call names too.  Just called them 12 times in 30 minutes and used my best name calling skills, and hung up on them.  If everyone would take 30 minutes to put it back to them, maybe they would'nt have so much spare time to harrass us.

    2. Stephan says:

      They are trying to get money from me on a loan that doesn't exsist

    3. Tony says:

      Spam. block this number frm my phone

    4. Manual says:

      An alarm system call that wants you to buy an alarm system

    5. Darren says:

      I get 4 to 5 calls from these people every week, however, today i received 6 calls from them and i have told them weeks ago to stop calling me. They won't stop, theu say that 6 calls in one day isn't harassment.

    6. Quincy says:

      Olympic Collection Banquet

    7. Brock says:

      Got a call tonight from a woman who told me that I had registered for a Disney vacation online 12 months ago.  She had my name and address and wanted to know if I had a Visa number that started with a 4 I asked her to tell me that info and she could not.  Then I asked to speak with her manager and she did not provide me with the manager as this was a residental number and she then told me that I had won a vacation and that she needed to verify that I had a Visa number that started with a 4 for the hotel that I would be staying at.  I then advised her to get her manager and she would not conply with my request.  She then hung up the phone on me and I called the non-emergency police to warn them of this individual.

    8. Cristopher says:

      Missed call/no msg. 1st time they've called me. I'm also in So. CA (Redondo Beach). Probably a "contractor"

    9. Eliseo says:

      Any idea who this might be?

    10. Coleman says:

      SCAM SCAM SCAM. Stay away!!!

    11. Weston says:

      Got a call from this number twice in a row today but did not answer, no msg left and unsure why this person would be calling me

    12. Hai says:


    13. Elton says:

      just received this text message "Your 434258-XXX card is locked. Call  # 209-732-5672. In was from 434258@wells.com.  It is a scam.

    14. Domingo says:

      Called 31 May 2012 - msg telling me I could work at home. Very general - no real information. I will regret not calling back. Call back number was same as display. N ID. Woman's voice telling me they represent John Sims. Product or service not within message that was left. This is not the first time for MLM calls. First time for THIS number. I complained in writing to "Do-not-call" list site with this info.

    15. Carmelo says:

      I called my friend but someone I do not know answer my call O.o