415-257 Phone Me Not

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    1. Dale says:

      Automated phone calls? Not cool. I get that numbers are recycled for cell phones, but there should be a law that you have to take numbers off your list after 6 months of no contact from the number

    2. Rolf says:

      no one connected on the calling line...says it's from MN...

    3. Kareem says:

      Good luck with your lying, "greatest transparency", IRS scandal, Benghazi stonewall, all around worthless b-ho.

    4. Rocco says:

      They called me, but when I answered, there was no one there.  I owe Wamu, so it probably is them, but why did they not say anything when I picked up?

    5. Eugenio says:

      This number was used by Publishers Clearing House to disguise it's number.   I already received two harassment calls.   I paid my bill in a lump sum check and stapled the remittance to the check.   I was told the computer machine doesnt read the attached and if i did this i would be receiving calls for paying one lump sum.   I have done this before and no problem.   Obviously, someone was lazy and didn't post payments properly and now i am subject to harassment.   I owe them nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Horacio says:

      Total scam. This person is wasting their money with useless robocalls. It will not be long before "Deveda" is broke and has to stop.

    7. Clement says:

      Phone caller left no message.

    8. Thad says:

      This # calls me two and three times a day. No answer. Idiots!!

    9. Cedrick says:

      because you probably work for them.

    10. Lester says:

      Calls everyday with fax noise. we have no fax!

    11. Ed says:

      Received a fishing text message from this number (347) 669-4514, telling me that I received a bestbuy gift that's worth $1000, with a link to a suspicious web site.

    12. Wes says:

      They have called me four times over the past month. I have never answered because I'm afraid of a potential hacker.

    13. Gabriel says:

      Why to they keep calling me!

    14. Nick says:

      they say give them money to make sure it is u and you send it and they dont give you the grant they say ur gunna get

    15. Jeramy says:

      My husband got a "hi" text yesterday from this number, when he wasn't who they were looking he asked if my husband was male or female, if he was ho**y, and so on and so on. My husband said he has a wife and kids, they said so did they. So they my husbands ignored them and they continued to text and ask if he was mad, and whatever. How stupid. Hope no young kids get a text from that person!