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    1. Sal says:

      Got call from this number. called back and got busy tone every time. No message was left.

    2. Adalberto says:

      they called me a few times already for the past week. Multiple times a day. It gets very irritating

    3. Hollis says:

      Yep. That's what it is. Glad I didn't interrupt the call I was on. They do NOT want my comments on our current Governor.

    4. Lowell says:

      They called 6 times, no message. you call back and a message says "enter your passcode" and then "goodbye". We called Verizon and he looked into it and said they said they did NOT call us and blocked the number for us.

    5. Jamel says:

      i got a call from am nicole smith #315 410 2082. She only asked to have my ss# verified. I asked her who the debt was owed to and she refused to talk talk anylonger,I called her back 3 times to get the same results.

    6. Carter says:

      I received a call from 270-450-0869 also with an id of Thoroughbred, RE. NO message!

    7. Brendan says:

      I got it too - they did not leave a message.  Local to my area.

    8. Darius says:

      they keep callin my phone all hours of day and night i havent answered cos i dont answer numbers i do not know but it wont stop

    9. Terrence says:

      got a call to my cell phone yesterday.  didn't answer.

    10. Russell says:

      Per TXU: "i just shaved my head..."

    11. Victor says:

      Some dune coon called my sister saying she owed money. Harrassed her manager and co-workers at her old work. I called the number guy gave her and he claimed to be a Brian Hawkins when I told him to quit calling her he told me he wanted to make sex with me! Creeeeeeeeeps! SCAM!!!

    12. Danial says:

      Love of my life.played me

    13. Brant says:

      i could hear other people talking and verifying mastercard #'s and addresses in the background.  they could not hear me when i talked.

    14. Andre says:

      I too got the message from Best Buy.  I called Best Buy and spoke to "Jordan" at Customer Service.  He was a very helpful and pleasant young man.  He advised me that Best Buy did not send these text messages and they are trying to find out who is sending them.  He did advise it was a scam so be careful.

    15. Wilburn says:

      Keeps calling over and over again..fails to connect