415-506 Phone Me Not

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    1. Alvaro says:

      This number keeps calling me throughout the day. Three times in the last 2 hours.

    2. Agustin says:

      I keep getting texts form them too. I sent a STOP text back. Let's see what happens...

    3. Shayne says:

      i got a hang up after I answered the call...

    4. German says:

      This number called my house line for my father "regarding his education" well he is 70 years old... yeah. Asked the guy a couple questions and he hung up.

    5. Jasper says:

      Don't want to hear from them anymore

    6. Van says:

      Some one trying to sell ipods .

    7. Bernardo says:


    8. Donnell says:

      this number needs to be tracked by the carrier

    9. Abe says:

      Taljing about apple iphone trsting f

    10. Pierre says:

      This is a "new" number from the people with the Indian accent that are very aggressive and insist they have warrants for your arrest for fraud. They are saying the moment you receive the message you or your attorney had better contact them or all they can say is good luck to you. These people have been calling my home, work and cell numbers daily with these threats from different numbers. They started off saying I had a lawsuit filed against me (couldn't provide paperwork) to Federal officers on their way as we speak to lock me up (never showed up), to will lose my job by the end of the day (still working) and latest that I will be executed. (yeah, right). Have spoke to my states attorney generals office and this is a scam. Do not talk to them or give them anymore information. The agencies and office they claim to be with do not exist.

    11. Boris says:

      the person that called from this number is a phone stalker

    12. Marcos says:

      Sttooooooppppp caaalllliiiinnnggg mmmeeeeeee!!!!!

    13. Jonathon says:

      Spam! Block it, but they will keep calling from 10 different numbers. Block them every time.

    14. Erich says:

      Called me today (sunday). I didn't answer, but they didn't leave a message. It couldn't have been important.

    15. Moises says:

      I did not respond to the text, it said "Hello sexy how are you today"