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    1. Dave says:

      I done with all the he say she say

    2. Lyman says:

      He call me saying I had credit card charges that where usual, but it was a female recording then began to laugh at the end of the call, I know the call was a recording because it was talking to itself with me replying,

    3. Everette says:

      Not spam. Carnival Cruiselines. They only call if you offered them your info.

    4. Salvatore says:

      I got the same thing some little girl called and I called back and spoke to an Alex.he said I'm getting sued and he said he was a cop that he would be coming to my residence so I'm calling him again on Monday but with my lawyer of course to get to the bottom of this they are not talking my money .

    5. Darryl says:

      This is getting very annoying, they call daily and several times per day,

    6. Leonel says:

      Recieved a text message with this spam. "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1,000 users that enter code BETA at http://iphone5betas.com will Receive it!" Definitely sounds like a scam.

    7. Cortez says:

      Got a call at our office from "Ken Jones"

    8. Raymundo says:

      Trying to sell me electric service.

    9. Rocco says:

      Flaker. No call no show after DAYS of pm'ing.

    10. Kelley says:

      I get atleast 4 or 5 calls from this number on a daily basis. I will not answer nor will they leave a message. However, I figured it was some sought of spam call. How do I block this number from calling my cell phone without me having to pay a blocking fee with my carrier?

    11. Kory says:

      QUIT CALLING - You call 3x to 4x a day.

    12. Rocco says:

      Keeps calling. Just hangs up on my voicemail

    13. Lyndon says:

      This little kid keeps calling me and apparently trying to do some prank call on me. Sounds like some 12 year old trying to be funny and this isn't the first time!

    14. Rodney says:

      Ask about pregnancy in if i take medication

    15. Elmer says:

      I waited on the line and complained and now she calls more often.