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    1. Enoch says:

      african american running a banking scam

    2. Rey says:

      Text saying "You have been randomly selected to recieve a $1000 Best Buy card......."SPAM.

    3. Doyle says:

      Had a call about 6:45pm today (March 22nd 2010) supposedly from the Arthritis Society of Canada regarding a donation pledged last June, they immediately asked for a Credit Card number, I believe this to be a scam and people should beware, I will be call the Arthritis Society tomorrow to see if it was them and let them know it is happening. I would treat any call from Area Code 100 and 300 as suspect and report them to the appropriate authority.

    4. Jimmie says:

      This number texted my phone and just said 'we friends'. i have no idea who it is and now it wont delete off my phone...like it is some kind of virus...help

    5. Earl says:

      Attorney solicitation recording

    6. Kent says:

      Rerouted number. Automatically hangs up on u.

    7. Matthew says:

      Bill collector do not answet

    8. Marcellus says:

      picture collector full of crap. jacks off to picture

    9. Erasmo says:

      This is a fake number that someone dusguises their number to harrass

    10. Brandon says:

      I don't know who this is? Have called 3 times now

    11. Irving says:

      I get the same guy. He speaks with a very heavy Indian accent and tries to convince me he is with the US Tax Department and that since I've been a very good taxpayer (hahaha... my first clue it's a scam) that I've won $2,000.00.  I said "Great, send me my check"  he says he cannot send it through us mail that I need to give him my bank information.  Yeah right fella.. I'm that stupid.  I've hung up on him several times.  Told him to screw off several times.  He still calls back.. two or three times a day.

    12. Boyce says:

      this time I answered the phone, was told I won a $25 gift certificate to Target, I told the guy we do not have Tartget were I live (Ottawa), then he said it was good at any grocery store, asked him to name a grocery store, he could not, then he said it was good at any shopping centre, asked him to name one, could not.

    13. Phillip says:

      Been scamming people since 2008 "selling monkeys"

    14. Alfredo says:

      I've been selected to win an iPad

    15. Federico says:

      4 calls a day for 14 days now.  Finally answered and actually talked to some heavy accented guy ( of course).  Told him I dont have any credit cards....just a home mortgage.  He insisted that i do have credit cards and hospital bills which i do NOT!.  Finally I got mad and told him to take me off his calling list and he hung up mid sentence.  Tried to call right back but says the number is no longer in service.  Then they called AGAIN 20 min later whith no one on the other line.  This country is turning to a pile if our elected leaders can not stop s*** like this.  The loyers are running this country!  WAKE UP AMERICA!