415-808 Phone Me Not

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  • 415-808-4861
  • 415-808-4862
  • 415-808-4863
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  • 415-808-4866
  • 415-808-4867
  • 415-808-4868
  • 415-808-4869
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  • 415-808-4871
  • 415-808-4872
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  • 415-808-4874
  • 415-808-4875
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  • 415-808-4880
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    1. Jess says:

      The American Bar Association would not act in the manner reported in any of the above posts so it is highly unlikely to be the ABA calling.

    2. Abdul says:

      The called and hung up 8 times between 3:30 am and 4:00 am

    3. Cary says:

      SPAm!! Talks about you winning. Some sweepstake to cancun

    4. Dave says:

      Called asking for owner, when told she was unavailable, hung up.

    5. Dalton says:

      I received one call today from this number from 2 Indian fellows. They were calling "to save me money". They would not tell me the company name so I could report it to the FTC. When I told the first Indian that I don't need his help to save my money and to take my number off his list, he immediately offered to get his "manager" on the phone. His "manager" got on... continued to try to say he was calling to save me money... and still wouldn't give me the name of said company. They got an ear-load from me and then I hung up.

    6. Deon says:

      I am on a same boat with you!  I believe FTC (Federal Trade Commission) got a judgement against John Beck Free and Clear LCC in 2012. I am not sure it is too late to claim our money loss, but I would like to join the lawsuit too.  I lost $5000 for signed up fee which never got refunded. I heard FTC won the judgement against them and I would like to know how I can be included/or be a part of it. I have all payment receipts to show.  Let me know ANYONE wants to know how to be a part of the judgement and lawsuit.  Thanks.

    7. Claude says:

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    8. Refugio says:

      This number phones but does not leave a message. It must be a telemarketer.

    9. Francisco says:

      They didnt say who they where, but waa calling to offer me a credit card.

    10. Barrett says:

      Member services is a credit card scam

    11. Ronny says:

      Computer generated, hungup on me.

    12. Alfonzo says:

      I also receive like 6to7 calls from this # on a daily basis it is very upsetting!

    13. Gail says:

      received a call from this number. no message was left.

    14. Lon says:

      it is t-mobile. your bill is probably past due.

    15. Louis says: