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    1. Kenny says:

      Got two missed calls from this number. And we only just now set up this phone number and NO ONE legit knows it. So it is total spam.

    2. Gayle says:

      This number calls me all the time on my cell phone. I never answer because it has not ID attached. The weird thing is, I called the number back and it says it's been disconnected! HOW DOES THAT WORK?

    3. Danny says:

      Caller ID said "IMODERATE". Didn't recognize name OR number (don't know anyone in Denver area) so I just picked up/hung up without answering to break the call. LEAVE US ALONE. (There is a Special Election tomorrow to fill US Senate Seat for Massachusetts. Funny how they don't care about us any other time of the year, but election time they ALL want our time/votes and CALL RELENTLESSLY - EVEN WHEN WE INDICATE WE DO NOT WANT THESE CALLS.)

    4. Lenny says:

      Got a text says i have a chance to win 1000 dollar giftcard to walmart....my guess is spam

    5. Cristopher says:

      They called me very early in the AM! I was pist! No I did not answer! I tryed calling back at 8 am. And the line was busy!

    6. Maurice says:

      By the way.I had someone else I know call this number to see what would happen.He got a message saying they recignized his number,and had trued contacting him today because he too had won the same trip to Cancoon Mexico.What a load of Cra*~Press 1 now so we can collect your CC information.WATCH OUT FOR THIS NUMBER!!

    7. Carlos says:

      Keep calling want credit card number

    8. Ben says:

      called from this number on 7/26/12 at 1:48.  no caller ID name, so I picked up and immediately hung up.

    9. Louis says:

      I got a random call at 3 am. I didn't answer, I was asleep. I'm guessing it was a butt-dial...

    10. Mathew says:

      Calls all the time. Even on Sundays. Comes from MI.

    11. Carl says:

      said i got 8500 in grants for doing a demagraphic survey. He wanted me to go to a western union and get the money. said something about paying taxes and gave me another number to call on. 888-868-0637. I'm not going to do it as i couldn't understand him and I'm pretty sure its a scam.

    12. Michal says:

      This number has been calling my office for months, claiming to represent some pharmacy. It sounds like a call center, and they always start with "I'm calling to find out if you have any prescriptions to refill." I've asked them to stop calling, but the next day, they call again.

    13. Keven says:

      Called and when I answered there was no one there. When I called back got a recording saying the number was out of service. They called me back shortly and after answering someone came one the line but said nothing. This is some type of robo dialer and most likely a telemarketer because I have been getting numerous calls from other numbers stating Julie has been approved for an auto loan...to which I replied there was no Julie here and please don't call again. Its really beginning to be quite annoying.'

    14. Haywood says:

      wish i could send the police after them. they dont stop bothering me!

    15. Dallas says:

      I was told to call this number due to some sort of money from the government.  I never signed up for anything and they seemed to know certain things about me that I know for a fact I have not put out there.  Any suggestions as to whom this number belongs to? (206-201-2598)