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    1. Harvey says:

      This number comes up as unknown. They started calling at 7:30 AM and would hang up when the answering machine came on then they would call again. This happened over and over again for about 10 minutes.

    2. Quinton says:

      I get so many calls from number I don't know..who are these people!

    3. Terrence says:

      Some telemarketers selling some sort of vacation/reservation

    4. Patricia says:

      Trying to give us a free cruise

    5. Lionel says:

      Got a phone call (4:00pm) from an out-of-state number that I didn't "know" or recognize. (Does this mean that they are involved in Interstate Fraud?) They, of course, left no message. As always, I didn't answer, but looked up the number here. I am on the National Do-Not-Call List, and have been for over a year now. (I guess this is our government at work for us.) I'm going to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints AND to https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx and see if that can get the government to work for me, and stop these calls. (Yes I will go through all those steps.) [I have also bookmarked these URL's.] We should all pile on.

    6. Weston says:

      Called me before 7AM on a saturday.

    7. Clifton says:

      Suspecious calls late at night looked online found this site. Makes sence caryn blasi thanks u saved me money 201-874-7744

    8. Dale says:

      this number was given to call about large shipment to Ghana.  Also with contact information: Contact Name : Mac Shimmer

    9. Pete says:

      If you asked your email provider in the past to contact your phone to notify your phone for texts or emails, find "Notifications" on your email tools/options and delete your phone number.  With a "Smartphone" it is not necessary to notify you when you get an email, since you already got the email/text.  Just delete your phone number from Yahoo/Google/Whatever.  If you notice, you get those annoying messages many times at the same time you receive messages and even phone calls.

    10. Markus says:

      Keep recieving calls from this number-no message no answer. Twice a day

    11. Genaro says:

      they are with the gov. giving out grants

    12. Earl says:

      We get calls from this number every day. Something must be done to stop these a***oles.

    13. Samuel says:

      i want this person call me

    14. Adolph says:

      How can I find who owns a phone number

    15. Randal says:

      I receive several calls from this place. I refuse to answer the phone.