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    1. Barrett says:

      lies & steals & uses people till they are drained complete dry

    2. Ricky says:

      received the call on 15.03.2008, but i saw it in the display only today ie.19.03.2008. The number was displayed as 2102102000

    3. Johnson says:

      I received a text saying "You won apple products go to http://www.apple.ca.wongift.cc/ and enter code 0000"

    4. Edgardo says:

      don't answer unknown number (business)

    5. Chong says:

      Very rude and cussing doesn't have any manners and flatten my tires for times and threaten to harm me

    6. Pierre says:

      con artists that when you ask them to put on the do not call list they hang up.

    7. Noble says:

      Keep on calling me and my phone is a business number

    8. Erwin says:

      He calla about a lawsuit filed against you that is false.

    9. Jeremy says:

      Left me a voice mail saying I have an important message  - I had two options, to  listen or hang up - If I hung up, I could not retrieve my message...............don't care, I know noone in 209 area code - nor do I do business there - AND, I rec'd it on my cell phone - which only family and immediate friends have that number!!

    10. Kirby says:

      678-213-3800 - Received several calls saying that our power was to be disconnected, must payover the phone.  But I had paid the bill the prior week so such a call doesn't make sense.  They did have my account info and wanted to do a check over the phone.  Suspicious.  I pay via the bank using online billpay for security.

    11. William says:

      I have received two anonomous texts from this number in less than 12 hours. The first was an MMS message that had music attached the second that I just got, said that if I don't forward the message to 25 people I will DIE. How quaint!!!!!

    12. Sammy says:

      Harassing telemarketer!!!!

    13. Buck says:

      an automated voice mail keeps calling my job (10 times a day) getting everyone I work with but me stating it is a collection agency trying to collect a debt. How do I stop it?

    14. Wilford says:

      More like "bill collector betty".  Maybe you should confine your scam to the boiler room.

    15. Irving says:

      She talked so fast I couldn't even hear what she was saying along with the feedback in the background. She said I was qualified for a grant for college and that I just had to answer an bunch of questions (all of which I could just barely hear) if I had a GED, A home computer, stuff like that. Then she transferred me to someone else, and they told me to start over my conversation as if it was a fresh new call.. When she asked if I was trying to continue my education and I answered no, she hung up...