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    1. Devon says:

      I barely got the call because I was in the bathroom and the den phone rang. I was waiting to hear from my doc about my explosive diarrhea, and hoped this was the relief I desperately needed. I answered the phone and heard a Spanish voice, but the only thing I understood was the number 1. I pushed it and was connected to a woman who was very helpful. As it turned out the call was not from my doctor, but rather a company issuing checks for a $1000. On my way through the house I left a path behind me on the carpet and some furniture. I needed an extra thousand dollars for cleaning up and replacing items. All that was needed to collect my money was a few pieces of information to validate my accounts. I gave her all the information for my 2 credit cards and debit card. You can imagine my excitement when all three accounts validated. I am waiting for my $3000 to be deposited so I can replace the couch I sat on during the phone call. If in need call this number and let these people help you.

    2. Jamie says:

      Called twice with hang up each time. No message left

    3. Jessie says:

      They called but did not answer. I call them back, it didn't answer either.

    4. Scot says:

      Try it again, but dont put the 11 at the beginning of the phone number, they'll use that to make you think you can't block it cause it has 12 numbers. Hope that works

    5. Buster says:

      Called three times in one week. Caller ID says WBCF. Left no message.

    6. Toby says:

      Calling for strange videos.

    7. Jay says:

      got a call. they left Voice Mail too..i tried calling but no response and it went to Voice Mail.

    8. Rudolf says:

      Text with work from home offers.

    9. Avery says:

      This company bothers me a lot. They do not identify what debt they are calling about and have not received any correspondence in the mail from them.

    10. Gail says:

      I got a call from this number twice.

    11. Herb says:

      "Tango is a great app for making free phone calls and free video ... http://instal.tango.net" 2 text messages already today .

    12. Edgar says:

      I receive a lot of calls from this #, and same exp as other comments. FYI-the Do Not Call Registry doesn't apply to telemarketers. They're exempt from the laws relating to the Registry, but you can report issue to FCC @ .gov site.

    13. Jamel says:

      I have this person on block , he still won't stop trying to get thru. He has tried getting thru at least 40 times today. He has very filthy mouth. I want it stopped,my nerves can't take any more...!

    14. Santiago says:

      Was a call about 62, if you all vote NO on 60,61, and 101 you should not be allowed to vote. VOTE YES, LOWER OUR TAXES!!!!!

    15. Harrison says:

      An offer for an all inclusive payed vacation