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    1. Mickey says:

      scammed me to setup Google voice number

    2. Jessie says:

      Just got a call also from this number; caller hung up without responding.

    3. Columbus says:

      This number called my coworker. They "won" a new Benz and lots of cash... too bad they only needed $499.00 in Wal*Mart money orders. My coworker had some fun with them...

    4. Esteban says:

      27 calls, non-stop in a40 minute window

    5. Isiah says:

      Automated: "This is not a sales call. It is for service rendered". I believe this is a collection agency in Cadillac, MI that contacted me previously for an unpaid debt belonging to my ex-wife. Since she doesn't respond to them they have continually continued to harass me.

    6. Percy says:

      Waste of time. Calls acting dumb as if he dont know what he calling for. Way to old to be playing games.

    7. Morgan says:

      all i know they r going to get in big big big trobble i know the FBI are on them and i hope they go to jail for life

    8. Blaine says:

      Called, but didn't leave a message.   According to Whitepages.com, the number belongs to Benfits Advisory Group in San Antonio.  Never heard of them.

    9. Elmer says:

      Some online school whom I've told several times I'm not interested

    10. Cleveland says:

      Well of course I wouldn't, but I can't say the same for, say, my mother, who is relatively new to the whole computer thing.  I would imagine those are the people they are targeting.  I was curious to see what they were going to ask of me.  I didn't follow through with any of it.  My computer was off.

    11. Donny says:

      # 989-235-9216 They have called me 3 times and left no message

    12. Hans says:

      Caller ID said nothing more than call coming from Missouri. I let it ring. Answering machine picked up call but no message was left. I'm on the DO NOT CALL list!!! I find this annoying!

    13. Antonio says:

      Hey girls!! I love y'all with ALL my heart!!!! Look,I'm sooooo sorry that we never call back but we never have time,but anyway....We Love y'all!!!!!

    14. Gerardo says:

      got a text at the same way with my first name onlywhen I replied she said reply to txtchick6 on Yahoo.com but I told her I did nottext anybody I did know

    15. Wiley says:

      just got a call to my cell. no msg.