423-318 Phone Me Not

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    1. Amado says:

      i to got a call from these people as well look we all can get together and file a law suit and i will pay for it....if any one is interested email me at eddiemiller1981@gmail.com they do have our ss # and addresses and more pesonal info.....well i know they got mine and i dont know if they can use it but before they can i will do something about it....so please people lets stop these people

    2. Boyd says:

      I would like to report this number as being a FRAUD!!!!!!  I received a call from Mark Ford and Carl Jones stating that I took out a loan from US Cash.net.....I contacted USCASH.NET and I never took out a loan.  The people that are calling stated that they were calling from the Department of Federal Investigation and if i didn't give my info they would come to my home and arrest me.  I reported to the FTC, BBB and the FBI.......I was cussed out and they were very irate when i didn't give up anymore information.

    3. Max says:

      You can tell it's spam right away.

    4. Joe says:

      We can block them from the legislative/state lines if need be Ken.

    5. Deshawn says:

      Got a call from this number.  I didn't answer and then looked up the number here and saw it was spam.  No voicemail.

    6. Jefferey says:

      this number is bugging me

    7. Sterling says:

      Bill collecters for someone else n they won't stop calln I tell them they have wrong number they still call eveyday from a different #

    8. Bobby says:

      i got a call saying i won a cancun prize with 2500 travel tickets. then i heard a eerie recording instead of hearing rep to collect the prize. then it just hung up. really Weird!!!

    9. Shad says:

      11:06 pm 7 calls in a row will not leave a message did not answer, so they just hang up and call back unpluged the phone. caller id said T Morrison dont no this person stop calling my phone

    10. Wiley says:

      Kedp sending bad tex massages

    11. Kennith says:

      2 Calls from Political Survey Group on my cell phone...I hung up each time. Don't want them calling my cell #.

    12. Laurence says:

      I had a call from tom saying this is tom  take a pen and write this cause i wont repete it again  Bob's @ atm.com

    13. Malcom says:

      Recording: asked if I had life/healthcare insurance, and if I didn't... to listen to an important message. I hung up!

    14. Roland says:

      Word of advise, do not argue with the limo driver if they been drinking.

    15. Fermin says:

      bla bla bla your paying to much for auto insurance