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    1. Mel says:

      Trying get me to take school loans

    2. Shad says:

      Got a call. Did not leave a msg.

    3. Marcel says:

      Got a text saying, "Dear Target Shopper, your purchase last month won a $1,000 gift card. Please go to www.SITE485.com to claim.Stop2end."

    4. Thomas says:

      selling rip off real estate leads

    5. Gregorio says:

      Youve been selected to win B.S.

    6. Erin says:

      Jeffrey Lynn friend Jr is a deadbeat dad.

    7. Louis says:

      I got calls from this number but never a message.

    8. Joseph says:

      They've called me four times this week but haven't bothered to leave a message any one of those times.

    9. Isaias says:

      I didn't answer. They did not leave message. Same call last week, I answered, no one there.

    10. Florencio says:

      My daughter has received 15 texts from this number today alone. They don't say anything, just "hi" and when she asked who it was and to stop texting her, they just continued. If you have any information on who this is, it would be very helpful in reporting them.Thanks

    11. Ramiro says:

      Called my Cell phone and left no message.

    12. Carlos says:

      Guy keeps calling harrassing me

    13. Mauro says:

      Texted me with a spam website and deal.

    14. Malcom says:

      8 to ten calls. stated i had a account balance of 19,338.15 from a company i had done business with. he stated that he was from amazon and that i had to open a click for pay account with them to receive my money being that they purchased the account.

    15. Clair says:

      Wrong, the Federal Do Not Call Registration is permanent until you request to be taken off or you change your phone number.  Go read the FAQ on the Do Not Call website.  Also, only calls trying to sell you goods or services are covered and then only if you have not done business with that company in the past 18 months.  All other unsolicited calls are not covered by the Do Not Call rules.  Other rules are supposed to apply, namely that charities, surveys, political organizations and companies you do business with are supposed to place you on their own Do Not Call list but that is almost never permanent.