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    1. Cortez says:

      What is the code for blocking a number

    2. Boyce says:

      Hi, I actually get a call every week or twice a week each time from a different phone number though it's always the same message. They propose to press "9" to be put on the "do not call list" but I'm afraid to do this and get even more calls. I'm sick of this since they actually call anytime of day and night! The worst part is that my phone number is confidential. How come they do have it? Anyone can help?

    3. Erin says:

      some retarded moron that feels the need to waste people's time asking about the stupid shipping and check scam crap on Craigslist like it's something new and people still fall for his idiotic scam BS.

    4. Oscar says:

      Last 4 days been getting annoying multiple texts from this number under the name vinobueno62 like some kinda tweet posts or something. I do know it is yahoo messenger and also know i never signed up to have messages sent to my number from yahoo. I am going to have to call AT&T and ask them to block this number maybe this will stop the messages.

    5. Rafael says:

      Received a phone call from this number but of course they didn't leave a message.  Anyone know who this is?

    6. Lanny says:

      Got a call. If you know who it was please post. Thanks!

    7. Bobby says:

      the art institue keep harrasing me afther I told them I wasnt intersting. into there collage in do not call anymore in they called me 21 times

    8. Donnell says:

      get almost daily calls from 124 352 1256 asking about my social security and can't understand the male's strong accent. tell him i can't understand and hang up

    9. Pete says:

      the either hangs up or never says anything

    10. Nathaniel says:

      Called me three days in a row at 3:00pm with a recording stating he couldn't here me and then hung up. Today I did not answer. Did not leave a message.

    11. Deandre says:

      Dont want to talk to this person.

    12. Dominic says:

      Idiot spamers keep annoying me from this number. I'm on the Do not call list and they still managed to harrasss me on my cell phone!! They are like cock roaches!!

    13. Sammy says:

      I've received several phone calls from this number. I've never answered because I don't know anyone in DE. They don't leave a voicemail. So today I finally answered and there was no voice on the other end. 10 seconds after I answered they hung up. Two hours later--same thing. So I called the number after I found this site on Google and then I read through these complaints. It's some debt reduction company? I don't have any. So it asks which 10 digit phone number you'd like for them to stop calling and I entered mine. So we'll see if that fixes the problem. HOW ANNOYING. I don't understand where they got my phone number.

    14. Tracey says:

      Claims I'm randomly selected to win a "BestBuy gift" (a $1000 gift card."

    15. Gino says:

      received 5 calls from this company in a 24 hr period - did not leave a message any of the times.