425-267 Phone Me Not

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    1. Patrick says:

      I believe this is a debt collector for T-mobile.

    2. Saul says:

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    3. Santiago says:

      The same stuff happened to me.  They said that I had signed up for this medical and dental plan.  When I told them that I had not they got very rude and asked why I wasted there time.  I think this is a phishing scam so don't verify your info.  They told me that they had my checking account number but when I asked to speak with her manager she got more irrate.  This is a SCAM.

    4. Harley says:

      How to get rid of spam calls?

    5. Ethan says:

      do not answer a call from this number they said they are secret agents and they will kill me in 7 days, they sounded like terrorists so be careful.

    6. Raymond says:

      This number has been calling my cell phone non stop for the past 6 months. I get at least 20 calls per day from this number. The person never speaks when I pick up. The person keeps blocking the number every time she calls, but I was finally able to get the number through a service called trap call. I have no idea who this person is, but she sure sounds psychotic, and I would like her to stop calling me.

    7. Jonas says:

      They bothering me to much

    8. Arnold says:

      Call came on cell, each time about DNC defunding objection and about some other unintelligible product.

    9. Clement says:

      asked for me left a name to call back Michelle, never heard of her

    10. Alonzo says:

      these people just called me and gave me a 10 minute speech about borrowing 600-pay back 120/month for 6 months. Funds to be given to me by Western Union BUT--I have to show I can pay the note. They wanted me to send them 120 to show it could, wait 5-7 minutes at WU and I would received 720 (600 loan+120 sent them) back right away. I could here other voices in the background.

    11. Alberto says:

      Got a text saying "Need some extra FUND$ for the new year? You can easily get $1500 today! just visit www.firstcashsite.com to get started. Write "NO" to end.

    12. Waylon says:

      Keisha Skupien threatened to burn my house down

    13. Deangelo says:

      Received a call from this number.  No one on the other end.  I said hello a few times, and no response.

    14. Huey says:

      Anyone know what this guy is calling about?

    15. Cesar says:

      getting calls from this number, who is this? when calling it back, recording states that the number cant be dailed...????