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    1. Chase says:

      Did not answer, left no message... Must've wasn't important!!! Blocked...

    2. Alonso says:

      credit card interest lowered they wont take no and when uoutell mm to take you off their calling list then they just hang up

    3. Grover says:

      I dont know who dis so please don't let there number come on my phone again

    4. Ned says:

      Got a text from this number today.  Completely unsolicited - have NO idea how they got my phone number.  When I texted a response, one of the emails associated with the number was Brady@94rock.com, a shock-rock station that looks like it's based out of New Mexico.

    5. Agustin says:

      Craigslist spammer. Used name Nicole Baldwin. Used this phone #. Said they wanted to buy my bedroom set on Craigslist. Even sent a check. Added additional money to the check saying it was to pay the movers to come pick it up. Fortunately, instead of depositing the check, I called the bank and asked if it would bounce based on the amount of money in the account and they said yes. This person is a scam.

    6. Alphonse says:

      Do not give these people any money.  Do talk to them hangup. Threaten them with immigration. fbi, your attorney. law enforcement.

    7. Perry says:

      Same thing happened to me, and I filed a complaint.  Not only am I on the "do not call" registry, they also called my cell phone, which telemarketers aren't supposed to do, either.

    8. Royce says:

      i've been getting calls from 304 255 6301 since June. It's really annoying!!!! its a landline # (so I can't text back). When i answer i get a modem sound, same with when I call back. I get calls every 10 mins for an hour or two straight almost every day.

    9. Miguel says:

      Got the same call. Called home and work telling me I had to call them back or have my attorney call them. Stated they had a legal matter pending against me. Only thing I can think of is I owe the IRS a few dollars.

    10. Adan says:

      I received a call this evening during a dinner party. The caller said he represented some police officer's association (most of these 'non-profits' keep about 98 percent of what they raise). When I asked him to call back he said he would be brief. I said I would be even more brief and hung up.

    11. Carol says:

      Received two calls on my cell phone no Message and two on my home phone with no message within three days. This is what drives me nuts with the do not call list there is no way I do businees with this so called utility. If they got our numbers from a Com Ed employee then some one needs to look into this. There is no sane reason they shold be allowed to call.

    12. Randal says:

      They called my cell today and did not leave a message.

    13. Javier says:

      After a random "hi" text from this number I started getting strange calls from an outsource by the sound. They couldn't/wouldn't tell me where they got my info and always hang up before I can ask to be removed

    14. Aldo says:

      Caller ID Gardena CA. CallerID4U, Inc., 93 S. Jackson Street, Suite 38-480, Seattle WA 98104, Paul Maduno, CEO. 310-251-5420, paul@callerid4u.com Calls from 206-397-1000 thru 206-397-1999 & 206-397-5000 thru 206-397-5999 & 206-445-6000 thru 6999 & 209-220-0000 thru 209-220-9999 & 213-333-0000 thru 213-333-9999 & 213-363-0000 thru 213-363-9999 & 213-366-0000 thru 213-366-9999 & 253-236-2000 thru 2999 & 253-245-2000 thru 2999 & 253-753-9000 thru 253-753-9999 & 310-599-0000 thru 310-599- 9999 & 360-322-6000 thru 360-322-6999 and 360-633-9000 thru 360-633-9999 and 425-320-5000 thru 425-320-5999 and 425-336-8000 thru 425-336-8999 and 425-406-9000 thru 425-406-9999 PROBABLE ID THEFT / MEDICARE FRAUD

    15. Cornell says:

      Called me at 1134. No message.