432-397 Phone Me Not

  • 432-397-6561
  • 432-397-6562
  • 432-397-6563
  • 432-397-6564
  • 432-397-6565
  • 432-397-6566
  • 432-397-6567
  • 432-397-6568
  • 432-397-6569
  • 432-397-6570
  • 432-397-6571
  • 432-397-6572
  • 432-397-6573
  • 432-397-6574
  • 432-397-6575
  • 432-397-6576
  • 432-397-6577
  • 432-397-6578
  • 432-397-6579
  • 432-397-6580
  • 432-397-6581
  • 432-397-6582
  • 432-397-6583
  • 432-397-6584
  • 432-397-6585
  • 432-397-6586
  • 432-397-6587

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    1. Stacy says:

      text from 39607@vtext.com - Please call one of this numbers - 2 phone numbers shown and (ArizonaFCU)  

    2. Otto says:

      No one resonds after answer.

    3. Isiah says:

      I just got a text from this number spamming about a new IPhone 5 beta test.

    4. Thad says:

      Tried to scam me on a rental in alberta as well. Text from +12052862076 and emailed from homerent77@rocketmail.com. called himself Dr. Sean Gills.

    5. Clarence says:

      That number called me this morning at 8:23 am, it rang twice then stopped. I checked the number and came to this site. I blocked the number and made sure my call forwarding was turn off. I called the number and no one answered....it made sounds like fax machine but not quite the same as a fax.

    6. Paul says:

      Another number for GCI marketing one of these days I'll have em all blocked!

    7. Basil says:

      Spam. Keeps changing numbers to try and trick me or something.

    8. Lemuel says:

      Had a miss call from this number   no voice mail and I'm not calling it back

    9. Jeromy says:

      Repeated calls no answer from other end

    10. August says:

      Called Seattle PD this is a scam to steal peoples identity. Check your credit report asap you could be a victim of fraud.

    11. Marlin says:

      Calls quite often. Don't know who it is.

    12. Duane says:

      Toyota collection call. when number back it says number is disconnected.

    13. Shannon says:


    14. Robby says:

      I don't know who these people are or how they got my # but this is ridiculous. It's 2 AM. I wouldn't give you my credit card info at 12 noon why in the world do you think that I would do it at 2 AM. It's the same thing though. I didn't pick up but there was a message left about accepting inmate calls and when I call back, nothing. Not even a dial tone.

    15. Luis says:

      Get numerous calls from 209-858-3548.  Sometimes a person asks for us by name and when we answer, they hang up.  OR, sometimes they just put us on hold and leave it there.  Many, many times, they call and hang up. They are extremely rude, and we have heard laughing and cursing [F words] at the other end of the phone line.