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    1. Luke says:

      Caller said they were an alien from planet skdidnbdidn 500 light years away. They wanted to make human babies

    2. Will says:

      I also got a call from this number. When I picked it up and asked who is calling, a male voice quickly said yes you can and then hung up!

    3. Adan says:

      hung up on me after 3 seconds. No words.

    4. Reggie says:

      This number calls my house 3-4 times a day, even on the weekend! They call as late as 8-9:00 at night too. They never leave a message either. Very annoying!!!!

    5. Lynn says:

      GC Services - collection agency out of Texas for Lord & Taylor credit card.

    6. Anibal says:

      stop this is not funny, have reported this to my cell phone provider

    7. Edwin says:

      I've started to get calls from this number too.  At least once a day.  I do have Seterus as a mortgage collector but why is there no one on the other end.  I get calls from Seterus and they pick up but this one goes dead on the other end.

    8. Kristopher says:

      called them back and a computer asks u to wait a moment and hangs up

    9. Tyron says:

      Seemed like a random-dial-a-phone, kept asking who is this, but would not say who they are, or what they wanted. Looking this number up online got me to this person: http://myjuggalospace.com/twizzla/

    10. Randolph says:

      No idea who it was just kept constantly calling never left messages

    11. Tony says:

      another "improving your air quality" - -

    12. Jody says:

      This not even a person. It's a computer. I called back from a blocked number. The computer voice said it was Imperial Bank. The entire conversation was computer response based on my answers to the questions asked.

    13. Elton says:

      Apple is doing a give away... New product. Text BETA

    14. Mike says:

      Same thing. It was a cell phone number with a guy asking me about a home security system.
      Last Post 5 h 30 min ago | Phone Number 219-487-8832 / 2194878832

    15. Norbert says:

      This number started calling me today and I ignored it until I looked this up. I decided to answer the next time they called. When I did they asked for me by name and I said this is she, they hung up quickly. It makes me very nervous that they are trying to get you to say enough to make some kind of charge or send you something. They definitely wanted to know that my name went with the number they had called. My number is registered with the do not call registry so I went to their website and filed a complaint. Anyone else who's number is registered should do the same! Your number has to have been registtered for 31 days before you can file a complaint though.