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    1. Ivory says:

      I received 2 calls from the above #...a man voice just talked jiberesh and then hung up, when I re-called the # it said voice message box full unable to leave message.....

    2. Lenny says:

      DRS important matter. to call him back.... blah, blah, blah and more blah. If you do not address me by my name when calling or leaving a message, I know is junk.

    3. Cristobal says:

      Talking about some free security system equipment but for sure you have to pay the monthly fees

    4. Collin says:

      They left a message ... Woman identified herself as Ann Williams and said we spoke on the phone about lowering insterest rates on my credit cards. She said that this would be the last courtesy call and for me to call 1-877-723-1423. This is definitely spam.

    5. Brian says:

      Both my wife and daughter got a text message to call this number re card deactivation.

    6. Sergio says:

      BEWARE escorts on Backpage. The owner of this number is a bald-headed, brown skinned black guy in his mid thirties that just robbed me at gunpoint of $200. He told me he lives in Atlanta but he works in Montgomery and Birmingham. Led me to believe that he was a dope boy. Came in and robbed me. If you see his number pop up in your phone don't answer it because he is coming to rob you!

    7. Florencio says:

      Abusive language and demeaning

    8. Trevor says:

      I get at least 2 calls a day from this number (0113 203 1370), even when I am abroad. Its really irritating!!

    9. Armand says:

      This number keeps calling trying to sell me newspaper!

    10. Carol says:

      scamed me on ebay and has my 5,000.00

    11. Cecil says:

      I kid u not...It says Norco Chicago on my caller ID!...Left no msg, Damn!

    12. Jarvis says:

      I even had my ringer off and it turned it on. WTF

    13. Kip says:

      I got the same about bad credit etc. I replied STOP and I hope it does

    14. Dino says:

      this person has been texting me saying he is in australia on business, but then today he had to fly to lagos, nigeria. i already has suspicion, but this proved it. im waiting for him to ask me for money, not that he will ever get any.

    15. Clinton says: