435-454 Phone Me Not

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    1. Mikel says:

      they called to see if I wanted to lower my credit card interest rate

    2. Moses says:

      throw up from laughing so hard? i hope i get like a bajillion more!!!!!!!

    3. Ramiro says:

      Received a call from 678-208-3046.  I did not answer, nor did the caller leave a message.

    4. Barton says:

      Never ever leaves message and is busy when call back!!

    5. Elden says:

      i got this call and when i answere a whistle goes off and then they hange up i am so tired of getting this dam call

    6. Deandre says:

      Called twice, 1st time hung up. Second time 2 hrs later, was a call center (loud in the background) and the person had such a thick Indian accent they were hard to understand. Everytime I talked they stopped and started again at the beginning of the script. I was told "the federal reserve has money waiting for you since you do not have a criminal record,haven't filed bankrupcy, & pay your bills on time. It will be deposited in your bank account within 25 mins of this call". I said, 'I do have a criminal record', they ask how long ago and I said 2 yrs. They said they only go back 1 yr. Then they started the script again. I said when they got to that part- 'oh, I have filed for bankruptcy' & they ask 'how long'. I said '6 months ago'. They said 'since it hadn't gone through your OK'. My reply was "Oh good because I really want my money". Then they started over again on the script, This time when they got to  the part of "you pay your bills on time", I said. 'but I don't pay my bills on time. That is why I am I am filing bankruptcy, but I really want my money- please tell me how to get it!" Finally they just hung up on me!

    7. Gerald says:

      SPAM, Trying to sell auto insurance. They say you are currently overpaying for auto insurance.

    8. Jude says:

      Calls several times a day.I never answer- you'd think they'd get it.

    9. Dominique says:

      Who is Sayvion? is he from Columbus ohio?

    10. Clay says:

      We recieved 7 calls from this number at 3 am and leaving voicemails on how they need their daughter to come home and they are calling the cops and they were going to kill us. We are a married couple who doesnt even know a person by the name they gave, we are both over ther age of 22 and believe it was a wrong number they called.....

    11. Hank says:

      Thank god for called ID on my cell because this fool is a telemarketer

    12. Jefferey says:

      keep getting these myself, same senario as above. Threatedn law suit and nothing has worked, very intrusive and harrassing. Same girl everytime (accent, oriental decent)she has also called saying she was from the cences beuro

    13. Gregory says:

      keep calling and playing on the phone

    14. Isreal says:

      The number is in my missed calls.

    15. Stuart says:

      I tired call the number back and all I get is silence. Not even a ring.  I had an automated voice mail asking for someone with a name relatively close to mine and said to press #1 if I was that person or hang up.