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    1. Rod says:

      Came up on caller ID as Indy Star. That is the newspaper in Indianapolis. It doesn't sound legit that an Indianapolis paper would be calling from Chicago. They didn't leave a message.

    2. Isaiah says:

      In the past two days i have received numerous calls from this number. I do not answer the call but at the same time they do not leave a message. They called yesterday from 7:00 pm till 11:30 PM. and today they started calling at 10:00 am eastern time.I called the DO NOT CALL number 1-888-382-1222 and reported them.

    3. Michel says:

      They didn't say anything, not sure if it was spam, or a prank call?

    4. Jimmy says:

      Calls me every day and never leaves a message.

    5. Dusty says:


    6. James says:

      Receive spam from this number at least once a day. Money lender. Offer websites like loanuntilpay, paytodaysite, & youneedmoney

    7. Salvatore says:

      They called here and asked for someone by their (unusual) first name.  When told she wasn't here, they said they'd call again.  Two seconds later, called again and hung up.

    8. Forrest says:

      Whenever they call and I answer it just hangs up as soon as I say hello

    9. Levi says:

      3 texts to my daughter's cell. It is of Homer Simpson dancing then it says, today is sexy friend day, text back what # sexy you are with 5 choices.

    10. Carol says:

      they keep calling trying to sell me a security system tell to talk my number off there list, then tried pushing 2 like they say to take off list nothing happens. get calls once or twice a week

    11. Darnell says:

      I recently changed my cell phone number and they called me..

    12. Levi says:

      Not spam!!! Its someone in the military calling why overseas to the states!!

    13. Philip says:

      They're looking for some guy names Levi Hicks who I've never even heard of.  This has been going on for a year.

    14. Alphonso says:

      Did I want to earn quick cash

    15. Enoch says:

      This number calls my wife's work cell phone constantly--at least 4-5 times a day. No one on the other end when answered. She tried calling the number back and it doesn't ring. How do we get it to stop?