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    1. Ben says:

      I hate people that waste my time

    2. Bryce says:

      Harasses and gives out information

    3. Albert says:

      Thanks for the comments every one. This is Noah! I saw this blog yesterday which really shocked me. I would like to answer some issues that you have.1) @ Marketing Technique: "I wanted to speak about web design" in the voicemail. There is no word saying i need your services! A few agencie's owner might feel annoyed but my succcess rate is 30% at an average. This should not be that high if other owners/manager feel annoyed as well. 2) @Repeated call backs : Some times, i do have to call 4-5 times to follow up after the first conversation. My request to all, please say no if someone is not willing. You won't be annoyed, will save my time as well. 3) Spam: No way. You guys can call me back at the same # and discuss anything. It's not one way calling used by some traditional telemarketers. I am BDE.

    4. Cliff says:

      I get one call a day sometimes two. This has been going on for weeks. I answer and they say they are calling about my timeshare, when I tell them I've never had a timeshare and want to be taken off the call list they hang up on me. If I try to call it back it never goes through and says its the wrong number.

    5. Trent says:

      A recording announced that I had entered some sort of prize drawing run by SOS and won a 2500 dollar vacation.  I wanted to see what company it was so I stayed on the line and a guy with a thick spanish accent came on and asked if I was over 25.  When I wouldn't give a clear answer he said "Have a wonderful day" and hung up.

    6. Edwardo says:

      I have been plagued by calls from American Solar Solutions (6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd, N. Hollywood 91606, 877-946-8855) for months until I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I then received a letter of apology from the company's attorney and a promise that my number would be placed on their Do Not Call list.  However, shortly afterward, I started getting calls from this West Hills number with increasingly frequent, nasty, and extremely rude telemarketers who now literally laugh when I ask them to stop calling me.  I am certain that these West Hills telemarketers are connected to A.S.S.  

    7. Ali says:


    8. Tanner says:

      I do not want any contact with this number

    9. Warner says:

      wow. i just was checking this out because i thought i was trying to figure out who sent me such a strange text. it looks like this trouble maker has been busy.

    10. Marcellus says:

      Keep receiving calls from 727-216-1820 : caller ID reflects:  AMERICAN PROPERTIES.  Claiming that I'm eligible for a Walmart gift card, yada yada.

    11. Sammy says:

      rate reduction on nonexistent credit card accts.

    12. Kurt says:

      N.A.D. Car warranty scam ( I have 2 brand new cars w/ 5 years of warranty). Says I am expired and need the extended warranty? Yea... Right.

    13. Fredric says:

      My niece cynthia keeps harassing me

    14. Odis says:

      They are looking for brittney and want money

    15. Art says:

      I also receive a call from this number on my cell phone.  My phone indicated the missed call was from Los Angeles.