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    1. Homer says:

      they call twice daily never is a message left....thank u Mr number best APP in the USA!!!

    2. Tyrell says:

      This was a person claiming to be a lawyer.

    3. Dewey says:

      I got a call 3 times in the past 2 days.  On the 4th call I picked up, already looking up the number from this sight.  A girl with a normal american accent was there and she told me about how represenitive Franco is trying to raise taxes on tabacco products (mostly chew) and wanted to see if I was willing to call number to pretty much protest.  the number she gave me was 717-705-1875.  I have not checked this number yet.  after she gae me that number I asked her why she was using a fake number.  She said she was calling from Iowa, but (202) is a washington DC area code.  she calmly said she wasnt sure of the number and asked me if I would like to speak to a manager.  She put him on and he explained its just a number that comes up from thir company.  he asked me if I ever signed up for any kind of smoking product cupon or anything because thats how they usually get their number. I told him no because I dont smoke or chew.  but after I thought about it I did sign up for 3 free cans of chew for my friend, so I'm blaming copenhagan.

    4. Rodrick says:

      Just received another one of these calls. I have told them off several times and they still keep calling. I was nice at first, but the more they call, the more I get ticked off. Medical Compensation because I have used a birth control pill. I havent had a bc pill in almost 15 years. They have even went as far as talking about my va**na. I ask for a supervisor and he says I am a supervisor you can talk to me. I ask for his boss, he says I am here you can talk to me. I finally said you either put your boss on the phone or leave me the f*&k alone. Ok and hung up.

    5. Leo says:

      I got a hang up call from this number called it back it was a automated message selling medical stuff and supplies.

    6. Hector says:

      you are absolutely right. Emails are unacceptable and all he did was send you nothing more than his personal Billing.  Doesn't validate a thing as far as the original alleged debt.  As you said, it is so easy to get information on just about anyone.  This guy is a fraud who's only weapon is threats and his mouth.

    7. Brady says:

      just wants a conversation

    8. Quentin says:

      Want to know which co.'s number is this?

    9. Victor says:

      repeatedly calling for the wrong person

    10. Jerold says:

      Called on Nov 20 but did not leave a message.  Other sites claim this number is held by a person in Campbellsville, KY.  Except the name is extremely long.  More research yielded an actual company name...and the company is the Frost-Arnett collection agency.

    11. Weldon says:

      Me and my husband keep recieveing calls from these people its really pissing me off because i work in collections so i know all this stuff he claimed that 2 of my family members would be prosecuted as well. when i aasked why he said because they are refrences i said that makes no sense the issue is with me they have nothing to do with it he began getting hostle with me i couldnt help but laugh i asked what the company name and web address he quickly hung up i called back and asked the same ? to someone else they also hung up lol this guy is crazy and its making me very upset how can i reprot this guy?????

    12. Lazaro says:

      I received a call from this phone number today. The lady is rude considering she was asking for my business.  204-219-3918

    13. Billie says:

      Called on Saturday... left no message, no caller ID that tells you ANYTHING...ETC

    14. Clint says:

      Looking for my son, guess he owes someone some money

    15. Jerrod says:

      If I may ask, what is the product? When I answer, they do not speak, and when I call back, there is no answer.