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    1. Lynn says:

      Trying to find out who calls from this number.

    2. Dylan says:

      I too received a call from that number, I heard background noise with

    3. Lane says:

      I do not recognize this # and they are not leaving messages and I do not spent to be bothered.

    4. Alfonzo says:

      Some guy that sounds like he's aerobic or somewhere from over seas is trying to say that his name is Officer John Maclaine and that he works for the Central Investigation Dept. of Law Enforcement. ALSO! The SAME! guy called from this SAME number saying his name was Deputy Jeff Copper from the Sheriff's Office. Some how he knows the last 4 numbers of my S.S.N. I would like to know HOW he knows!

    5. Johnny says:

      You idiots. This IS bank of america. When suspicious activity happens on your card, they call to verify it - its an automated system. If you want to treat it as spam, you will end up with a deactivated card, since they assume it IS fraud.

    6. Ken says:

      John, The first time they called I very nicely asked if they would remove my number. Even explained they called a work number. They very nicely said they would, they lied. Over the next three weeks they called no less than 4 times a day, everyday. Would be nice if the government would do their job and fine these jacklegs out of business.

    7. Vern says:

      dont want contact with this person

    8. Cristopher says:

      don't want it call me anymore

    9. Thanh says:

      How can I be approved for a loan if I never applied!

    10. Abe says:

      Stop this number from leaving voice mail harassing me

    11. Sol says:

      I recieved a text saying I won $1,000.00 gift card.. I'm not going to bother.

    12. Wilbert says:

      kept breathing in the phone

    13. Ezekiel says:

      Number is to West Asset Management, I got a call twice a day at work and on cell everyday. They never left message, figured it was spam.

    14. Sherwood says:

      I got a call this morning from this new York number at 7am in the morning this morning waking me up. Isn't there a law that they can't call before 8am? But they call all day at all hours its getting old and yes like the rest of u they never leave a voice mail. Getting old and needs to stop!

    15. Julius says:

      I've been receiving calls from this number as well. I never pick-up, and never will. When I call it back I get a message that "this is not a valid number". Does anyone know what this is??????