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    1. Forest says:

      We are a brand new small business and we often receive phone calls from this number. 'Amsher' shows up on the caller ID and every time we answer, we get hung up on. I called the number back and they told me they are a collections company and asked what number they call us at. I gave them our # and they asked for a woman whom I have never heard of. They told me they would remove our telephone number and not call us again. Maybe it's worth a phone call to them to have your number removed... we'll see if they call back though. That's the true test.

    2. Pablo says:

      Call about did you take YAZ? If so do you want to sue, blah blah, blah.

    3. Wiley says:

      I keep getting  calls from this number.. cell phone and house phone.  It is a scam...

    4. Lenny says:

      They hung up when I picked up

    5. Joel says:

      Got a call from this number stating that my mastercard had been locked due to questionable activity. I hung up and checked my account online and there was no out of the ordinary activity. I then called my mastercard support number to verify and they stated there was no hold on my card.

    6. Porter says:

      Didnt leave a message! I didnt answer the phone dont know anyone outside of wisconsin

    7. Hank says:

      27 calls, non-stop in a40 minute window

    8. Paris says:

      this number calls every day its annoying! its not even a live person!

    9. Philip says:

      called, and no message on vm

    10. Rigoberto says:

      A recording asking if anyone in my household was involved in an accident and would be interested in representation. Total telemarketing bs. I hung up as should you

    11. Nolan says:

      Me too, exactly the same. No calls though, thankfully, but the phone number texted was from around my area. It wasn't even a cell phone number. I refuse to call it and am kind of freaked out how somebody has gotten mine and all of your phone numbers.

    12. Johnie says:

      they convinced me to let them in my computer said it was expired and said i was pinging viruses all over then wanted me to pay $134 I gave them Remote access

    13. Marquis says:

      Political caller attempting to solicit money from you. Terrible caller and bad manors.

    14. Orville says:


    15. Perry says:

      Joanne & Tom Barron - Broker/Owner. 10955 Westmoor Dr. Westminster, CO 80021. Phone: (303) 875-7129. Cell: (303) 875-7129.