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    1. Lawrence says:

      This is ATT trying to sell DSL service.  We literally just told these jerks to stop calling us 1 hour ago and they just called back again!  We do NOT want DSL service!

    2. Carlton says:

      Haynes Services; Address: 107 N 63rd Ave W, Duluth, MN 55807; Website - http://haynesservice.com; Services: Landscaper, Landscape Services, Grounds Maintenance, Gardening, Lawn Care Service.

    3. Rod says:

      I guess this person doesn't have anything else better to do.Here's some advice,you could try kicking rocks it might actually help you to take your focus off of us.

    4. Abraham says:

      REceive harassing calls from this #. No name appears on CID.

    5. Rayford says:

      This is the most recent number in a series of numbers these people have been calling me from for 3 years. Every time, they play a ship horn in my ear, tell me I won a cruise, and then eventually try to weasle a credit card number out of me. I am always told this is my last chance, but they always call again. I have had numerous arguments with these people and have even been hung up on, and they always call again. No matter how many times I tell them I am not interested and to stop calling, these calls have continued for THREE YEARS! If this number can be tracked, I would love to file harrassment charges.

    6. Angel says:

      From this number they are looking for Daniel Martin, this is a collection agency , I don't know this person and never been associated with this person.  I don't have very much more patience left. They tell they will take number off and won't call again and a week later starts over again.

    7. Prince says:

      this number is a collection agency for student loans..they disguise themselves with locals numbers from where you're from..

    8. Jacinto says:

      I get calls from this number 6 or 7 times a day. When I answer it the call ends. When trying to call number back, a message says all circuits are busy at this time. Very frustrating, as my number is on the DO NOT CALL list and am still getting calls like this and other marketing calls.

    9. Adan says:

      I have never answered the call.

    10. Fidel says:

      New phone number 233 2456 13130 Ghana..

    11. Tyrone says:

      I often daily get calls from these jerks, and they even hang up on me when I pretend I am interested in their scam.

    12. Kenton says:

      Same guy that called me and the first time it was Brandon Brown at 573-340-5662 but was the same recording and the same person I spoke to. The background sounds like a call center.

    13. Daryl says:

      i just got a call from Mark Taylor (with an indian accent)?? questionable, his supervior is Jack W DAWSON. They wanted me to open my computer to check my windows secutiry, they claim they are calling from Microsoft. The computer company is WebTechSupport.com. its 90usd for a 1 yr coverage, or 296.00 usd for a lifetime service. I have no idea where they get my number, but they keep calling me, week after week..How do i stop them from calling me??!  Any ideas...BEWARE...

    14. Britt says:

      What company is this? Is it a scam?

    15. Marion says:

      Received 8 calls from this number