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    1. Clair says:

      This was a poll call asking if I would be attending the local GOP County Convention, and who my AG and SOS choices currently are if selected as a Delegate to the Michigan Republican State Convention.

    2. Eddy says:

      I recieved one call on aug 20th. I did not answer and they left no message.

    3. Edward says:

      SCAM!!!!! i cannot beleive that these people think everybody are stupid. This scam is so old.... Answered to a Craiglist add. Wanting to transfer money to a paypal account. Call is out of Miami. Have received several phone #'s wanting to do this,,,, So now i am replying the other scam #'s back to the scam caller stating for further info call.........

    4. Silas says:

      PYday loan hangup unless u want to use this service

    5. Cordell says:

      This phone number called my Daughter -in -law she spoke with them and ask a lot of questions.She contacted me and i called them they told me i owed Cash Net for a loan which was setted 06/13/2012 that i had payed this is the third attempt to collect for a loan already payed which i kept a copy of on my computer.We do not know how she got my daughter-in-laws phone number.I have lived in the same place for five years i could have been contacted by mail.This person said she is a paralegal.I called her back with a copy of the loan showing it was payed only to get voice mail twice within fifteen minutes of my telling her it was already payed.Please people if you pay a loan keep a copy of that payment!

    6. Abe says:

      John Baker from the Takher Group has been leaving a "distressing" message on my machine telling me that it is very important that I return his call. The first couple of weeks I just deleted the call but after a month of his calls, I got angry and returned the call. I was told that my name would be deleted and the calls from this Baker person would cease. This should be the end of the story, but it is not.

    7. Brice says:

      Long beach press telegram

    8. Harris says:

      i got a call from this person at eight oclock last night and they sounded mean from what iwas told

    9. Harold says:

      spam caller. Recorded message for helping with credit, says press `1 to conncect to live person.

    10. Salvatore says:

      This guy running a scam trying to buy my car and for me to give him my paypal ID

    11. Caleb says:

      These people from 21st Century have been harassing me from this number-209-456-5250. They call all day long. I've asked them to stop several times with no success. When you try to reason with them they hang up on you. I call back  and they cussed me out in spanish several times. They know how to speak english until you start to complain. I've complained to their supervisor over and over again and they assured me that the calls would stop...nope. I'm on the DO NOT CALL LIST and I've made formal complaints with the national do not call registry. Still getting phone calls. This company is looking at several law suits from the looks of this site.

    12. Isaac says:

      ? Spam? Not sure about this

    13. Williams says:

      Guys name is Dwight. My girlfriend's ex husband. Called my phone by..... accident

    14. Laurence says:

      Recording: You've won a free Disney trip.

    15. Hyman says:

      Can somebody tells me whether this phone number is a scam or not? thanks..