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    1. Herman says:

      and I tried to call back and yes, someone kept hanging up on me and I could hear voice...

    2. Jody says:

      they call and harrass you for know reason

    3. Denis says:

      Have received calls from this number and was told fire fighters fund but asked him to call at another time. I still am receiving calls and now have asked to be taken off their/his call list.

    4. Lucio says:

      BEWARE! Total scammer from this number. Tried to send me bogus paypal emails.

    5. Ron says:

      Credit card false payment said they are from Macy's

    6. Royce says:

      Left a recorded message on my answering machine asking if I would like to lose weight.

    7. Wally says:

      Texting at 1030pm asking about a loan

    8. Whitney says:

      he called me from the same number and and i want him to stop calling me because i have gotten suspicious about him. He sent me a mess from the tagged website and he is known as timetosmile and i believe he is a fraud.

    9. Rolando says:

      ur nuts one time, who is it?

    10. Jefferson says:

      Slimmy dude in New Orleans giving out this no. He wuz harassing women all over and giving out this no!

    11. Noe says:

      Must be a new number for the stupid card services. These criminals called me about 4pm today

    12. Ernie says:

      these people have called me several times without stopping for no reason...whether its 1:00pm or 12:30 am they call me.they swear at me and say bad things they want to do to me and i have no idea who they are, i dont even live in their area, the person is some 15 year old who always calls me, if they call you id stay away from them & not call back!

    13. Brooks says:

      Solicitation even though I'm on the do not call list.

    14. Todd says:

      This person called and threatened my child for putting up signs on utility poles. Very immature woman nasty person and of course didn't leave the bullies name.

    15. Santo says:

      That does not work.  I have been nice i have been ugly and have tried to get in a converstaion about lowering my non-existant crdit card debt.  That is what is funny it that I do not even have credit card debt to lower.