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    1. Todd says:

      Law firm that doesnt exist, an indian guy that goes by the name oficcer Max Jordan, they gathered ur info. By internet, spam!!!.

    2. Dudley says:

      Car warranty sales. So annoying.

    3. Jamel says:

      this number belongs to colleter for sprint 231-337-2148- so does302-394-6839- so does 503-292-2077

    4. Abel says:

      just wants to know who owns this number. i may know them.

    5. Hilario says:

      Text msg: Do you need some money this week?......etc.

    6. Deangelo says:

      a dial-in number for tele-conferences.

    7. Jordon says:

      this number call everyday n doesnt stop

    8. Curtis says:

      Here's what we have:  A single mother of a two year old son who works as a telemarketer.  She used to be on wel-fare and food stamps and live in subsidized housing, but now she makes money.  Fact is, she can speak well on the phone, can make her way around a computer and spell phonetically.  Here is a job that enables her to pay for her rent, food, utilities, and daycare, plus buy a new pair of shoes every once in a while.  She is no longer having to rely on the system, and she is proud of herself.  No, she didn't go to college, but at nineteen years of age, she's feeling good about being able to support herself and save a little cash to go back to school next year.

    9. Ashley says:

      Thick accent possibly from India. Asked for someone, but couldn't understand what he said. When I asked who it was I heard myself echo in the room really loud so I hung up :-/

    10. Jeramy says:

      They texted me May 11 7:21 pm saying this :letskeep.net let's keep in touch on there i'll talk soonI asked who it was but they still havnt answered. So I wents on the site aattached to the text and was some wierd sex site. It really creeped me out and I want to know who it was.

    11. Benjamin says:

      We are receiving phone calls from this number.310 237 6613 almost every week.

    12. Milton says:

      Same caller as 302-232-3096, 503-290-1201The prerecorded message was: "This is your final courtesy call before we close the file on your annual credit card account review. We have sent you several courtesy notices to your residence. This will be the last time to take advantage in lowering your credit card interest rates to as little as 6 percent on all your credit card accounts. The only requirement is you must owe at least 3000 dollars between all your credit card accounts and have one in good standing. Press one now to speak to a friendly customer services agent."FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE FCC: http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm

    13. Allan says:

      They keep calling and not saying anything ..

    14. Ira says:

      Received a call from this number, guy said he was "Rick, from Global",  from the noise in the background it was obviously a call center. He asked for the President of our company as if they were buddies, when I said he wasn't in and offered to take a message, he asked for the cell number, as if he'd misplaced it. I told him he didn't have the cell because he didn't know who he was calling and he said "What's his f**king number, b**ch" and then hung up.

    15. Vaughn says:

      His name is david and likes to text shemale escort ads. Claiming to have lots of money and full of bs! He waste your time with games!