484-373 Phone Me Not

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    1. Darin says:

      Update: I dialed the number back and they are Landsafe: Home of all your real estate closing needs.

    2. Jayson says:

      Adding on to the post above... They also asked that my manager be present as witness, and that if I wanted to set up a more convenient time for delivery, that I was to call the number back! I believe the call is coming from a cell phone!

    3. Abdul says:

      Does anyone know of a good attorney?  I do not.  I mean a real good mean one.  If you do, please see if it is possible to get an injuction against Rachel at card services and those behind this...sorta like a restraing order not to call EVER.  If possible, I will certainly do it to and the next time ole Rach calls sue them for harrasement and time lost from work (I work from home and it takes up my time) and mental aguish for having to put up with this crap almost every day and fhen sue the government "do not call list" as they refuse to do anything about it and then the FCC as they too won't do anything about it.  Don't think anyone has ever done that before and if possible the lead attorney will get the gravy before everyone else sees what happening and jumps on the bandwagone!!!!

    4. Josh says:

      It doesn't have to be your debt. You were probably a reference.

    5. Sammie says:

      Not sure who they were but they immediately started speaking spanish

    6. Rodolfo says:

      My text read "Ur fat and UGLY."

    7. Richie says:

      Online school says I signed up for info but did not. Will not stop calling

    8. Ariel says:

      trying to sell you house alarm security.

    9. Willard says:

      I got 2 calls didnt answer it cause I didnt know who it was

    10. Aubrey says:

      Wants me to reduce my debit

    11. Britt says:

      hyena's comedy night club

    12. Parker says:

      Same thing as others. E-cigs, used my first name.

    13. August says:

      keeps calling, doesn't leave a message....

    14. Travis says:

      rude people using scare tactics to collect for ace cash express.

    15. Sherman says:

      Clearly this is a fake number.  Got a few calls from this number and no one has ever left a message.