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    1. Wilbur says:

      Some crap about back taxs

    2. Darrel says:

      Call and no message. I'm sure it's a telemarketer.

    3. Eddy says:

      This is a guy that calls frequently, asking for two different names of two different men (I'm a woman and my message clearly illustrates that), all with the same message when he leaves one. I get calls from him from many different numbers. I finally called back and he answered. I told him I needed him to remove my number, he asked who it was, I told him I wasn't going to give him my name information and that I just wanted my number taken off his list and he mumbled something (very heavy middle eastern accent) and hung up. I've been getting calls every ten minutes during daytime hours and the messages left are usually from this same guy. I've listed over 50 numbers so the 30 initial numbers I can block on my phone has run out. I'm not sure how to stop this guy.

    4. Royce says:

      I screen all calls and did not answer. Partial message about reducing rates. Crap scam. Let's hope there is a special place in hell, with a never ending supply of fire and brimstone, for these losers.

    5. Ward says:

      I have received four calls from the same people telling me that they have my prescription pain pills and they will ship them for $180. The name they have is wrong and I don't take pain pills. Then they get very upset when I tell them to stop calling me. It has been a guy twice and a lady twice with thick Indian accents and different numbers, from different states. 724-728-5350,540-898-4208,617-283-0119. BEWARE, and don't give them your correct information.

    6. Alvaro says:

      I have same problem mr bee the guy his name Neo Wilson he said u have bean approved the loan $6000 u send me $300  by western union u went i received i will send u back $6600 i talk he and the company

    7. Tom says:

      police searching dc backpage

    8. Berry says:

      It a scam, I got a call saying I owed them 300 bucks, and that I was going to jail, I instantly knew, it was a scam, and informed the man that I was recording the call and I was going to file charges, he hung up on me, now I call them 20 to 30 times a day to just screw with him.

    9. Harlan says:

      They are trying to get your personal bank information etc

    10. Nolan says:

      I received a call from this officer Goldsten saying he was from a company called HCC Global. The company seems to be real but I know that he is not. He told me that I had holdings with the US Treasury which is not true at all. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! PLEASE BE AWARE AND DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY INFORMATION!!!

    11. Devin says:

      crazy drunk likes to harass random people

    12. Efrain says:

      "Call from unknown caller. Press 1 to accept."

    13. Son says:

      Dont want them callin wat so ever

    14. Ramiro says:

      keeps calling and doesn't leave voicemail

    15. Quinton says:

      No thanks . I dont need friends like you