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    1. Gilbert says:

      I keep getting a call from this number, a man leaves a message saying he is Patrick Martin and says its about a legal case against me, but won't state what exactly it is about it.  He asked that I call him back, so I do and I always get someone else, they take a message, I told them to have him call me and that I want all the details of what this is about.  He calls and still says the same thing, and this man has a foreign accent, hard to understand him, and says that I committed a crime.  How could I have committed a crime in Seattle, WA.  I live in NY.

    2. Enoch says:

      Received text three times threatening to kill.

    3. Rudolph says:

      No message, persistent assholes.

    4. Mohammad says:

      Give them the wrong ss#. They have to match the # with a name. If your name is John, tell them John has a new telephone number.

    5. Carlos says:

      Environmental group looking for support by complaining about everything the public is doing. Told them I might call if there was something I cared about

    6. Marcus says:

      Have received 4 calls and numerous texts. Last call received was from a male caller from the above number asking if I owned a VISA, MASTERCARD, or other credit card. Person was speaking very fast and told me that I have been entered into the Dream of a Lifetime Sweepstakes and could be eligible to win such things as a trip or new car(mustang??) I was asked my age, when I graduated high school, if I am currently enrolled in college classes. When I started asking questions this person became offputting and just kept repeating himself and finally when I asked for his supervisor, we were mysteriously disconnected???!!!!!

    7. Jefferey says:

      Sales representative offering me a German-made coffee maker, No Thanks

    8. Ulysses says:

      This is a scam. If you press a number it bills your cell phone. Just hang up. This was talked about on a consumer protection website

    9. Pierre says:

      Guckin's Appliance Repair

    10. Leigh says:

      got one and it said sorry didn't know if you still smoked for free e cig go to www.87cigs.com

    11. Emory says:

      Want sign up for college

    12. Garret says:

      received the same text message that my entry last month had won. What a Crap!!!

    13. Horacio says:

      My wife and I just spent an hour and a half on the phone with these A$$Holes from "California" named "Gary" and "Shawn".  they promised us 3000.00 if we sent them 200.00 via Western Union.  then they asked us for 300.00 more.  my wife got upset and told them either give us the 200.00 back or put something in our account to show it is legit.  "Gary" or "Shawn", whichever MOFO it was told her it was non-refundable.  so then i got on the phone and talked to the camel jockies.  i was told that the application would be canceled and we would get a refund by friday.  unfortunately for them i am calling back tomorrow and i will have my money by the time i get off the phone with one of those non beef eating sacks of crap!!!!

    14. Ross says:

      This person accessed my website/domain with this number 5207241582. Proceeded to add their number to the security contact information to be able to hack my site and email. I monitor all activity to my website access and was able to stop them from getting any further.  I called the number from a fax line and it goes to a VM. Has anyone else had this problem?

    15. Malcom says:

      A highscholl that i dont not go to